Thursday 28 February 2013

On the right path still...I think....

Hello Sll

Laptop still broken, so I'm now using the work computers.

I'm still at it. Still trying to lose the weight and tone up a bit. Getting to the gym has been very hard this past month and I'm unhappy to admit I have eaten far more treats that I should have. Treats are meant to be treats, not everyday food :D Must remember that!!!

In spite of this, I'm still optimistic. I'm now into a regular pattern of Gym on Wednesday (Body combat) and Thursday (Spin). Just need to work on a Monday workout, but always feel dog tired. Going to keep trying to fit something in whenever I can, instead of routine days. Unfortunately I'm just a routine kind of gal.

One positive action is that from tomorrow I'm going to try and walk to work. Just been having trouble waking up in time you see. Something I always forget is that things take time to become a regular habit and things sometime need to be eased into i.e working on getting up 15 minutes earlier and then 30 minutes etc. Then soon I shall be able to leave on time to get to work and get a nice cup of tea :D

I've realised I have a massive addiction to chocolate and need to make sure I'm on top of that. So no snacking on chocolate, only have some if someone else offers. Thinking about it, I have probably had this revelation before... :/

Got some lovely things to look forward i.e. a trip to paris with my boyfriend and also his birthday weekend. So I won't be good as gold but I can still take care of my body.

Well that's all really. The scales read at somewhere about 13st 9lbs at the moment but will try and do an accurate recording next week.

Love to you all.

Em xx

Thursday 24 January 2013

Extremely ridiculous quick weigh in...

13 Stone 8lbs

Although I'm pretty sure birthday weekend still has to catch to me......

Onwards and downwards :D

Em xx

Tuesday 22 January 2013

Birthday foooood was eaten!

Hello All

So it was my birthday weekend and I ate lots of food. I know that is a terrible thing for most people but I really enjoyed it. I had such a good time with my friends, ate some lovely food and watched movies. Not quite the birthday I originally had planned (the snow had a bad knock on effect on peoples travel) but great all the sam.

The post also delayed most of my cards/presents but they eventually arrived.

Here are some photos for you:

Flowers from my friends Jen & Jaynie

Flowers from my Wonderful boyfriend (9 months today)

My little birthday cake from my boy :D

Matt couldn't make my birthday but I will be seeing him next week, so I'm sure I'll be having some more food! I'm just going to make great choices all the other meals, so I can really enjoy the special times and not worry about food.

I always tell myself this is not a sprint, IT IS A MARATHON!!

Will weigh in tomorrow or I may take Erin's idea and give myself a week off from weighing in, so I can really focus on having a great week? What do you think?

Have the best workout you can this week :D

Em x

Wednesday 16 January 2013

Stupid Scales but hey still a loss...



So first they say I'm 13st 7.25 lbs (did it twice), then they say I'm 13st 8.5 lbs about 20 mins later (checked twice again) frustrating!

But it's a loss right! I may weigh myself again tomorrow night to confirm.

So stats this week are:

Starting Weight: 13st 13 lbs
Weight Week 2: 13st 8.5 lbs 
(will re-weigh tomorrow and update accordingly)

Weight loss: 2 lbs

Total Weight Loss: 4.5 lbs

Fat %: 32.8% (-0%)
Water %: 49.3% (+0.02%)
BMI: 28.9 (-0.2)

It can be hard to assess these things but I think I'm on the right track.

It's my Birthday this weekend, so I'm going to be a little naughty...tee hee! But not going to go over the top. Don't want to have to work these lbs off again!

Some photos from my week for your viewing pleasure:

Scrambled eggs with a sprinkling of low fat cheese. Yummy Brekkie!

My one treat for pudding one night. So good I didn't need another :D

I've switched breakfast again to muesli and I added some blueberries as usual .

My dinner tonight: Quorn spaghetti bolognese. Came in a packet and everything (the bolognese).  Popped it on top of some salad. Lovely :D
Got the four balls on top of the fireplace for xmas, they smell lemon zesty!

Much love xox

Sunday 13 January 2013

A weekend of trying not to over do it...

So when I'm not in Cheltenham I seem to lose some of my focus. I don't overeat but I do eat one or two nicer things. Treat day becomes treat weekend and before I know I feel like a giant elephant, who has eaten too much and done little exercise.

I am trying a new technique when I'm eating things that are not as good for me. I try to give some to someone else or I break off some of the pastry/bad stuff. I feel better knowing I'm eating less than the packet says. I don't know if I'm deluding myself or this is a good way of feeling less guilty about having a few nice things at the weekend.

It wasn't a weekend of indulgence though. When I went to the pub for a meal on Saturday I ordered the tuna mayonnaise jacket potato and it felt good making the healthier choice. Then when I went to the cinema I brought an orange juice and a pack of snack a jacks with me, which I know is much healthier than chocolate or butter popcorn etc.

I think it really is about making better choices to keep your weight down. The goal is to never put any on. So even if you have a bad week where you don't lose anything, not putting any on is an achievement as well.

I wow to keep making small improvements to help myself now and in the future.

On Friday I was at the pub with a work colleague and I fancied a bite. On the menu it had sweet potato fries and I thought that sounded better than having chips. They were soooo delicious but unfortunately they made my stomach turn. I think my stomach has gotten used to all the healthy food.

So yummmmmmy. Sweet Potato Fries.

I also went for a nice walk with a friend this weekend and then had hot chocolate after. I didn't feel too guilty because I knew I had done some walking before. But as you know the guilt is always there.

Luckily they had no squirty cream in!

It is so hard to keep making the right choices and saying no to things such as nice hot chocolate with friends.

BUT I tell you my friends, I am sick of starting again. SO I won't be failing this time. TO THE GYM!! :D

Good luck to you all.

Em xxx

Wednesday 9 January 2013

1st Accountable Weigh In of the Year

Been nervous alllllllll day about this! So many questions fling through my head:

Did I eat right?
                      Did my illness slow me down?
                                                                  Have I done enough?
                                                                                               What if I haven't lost any how will I feel?

Funniest part is by the time I got home I had forgotten all about my weigh in. I only remembered when my best friend messaged me about how I did!!. It's nice to feel accountable to one of my friends.

Thankfully my boyfriend is also really supportive. He's going to the gym too but in a different town, as we live 70 miles apart from each other :( aaaaaaaaanyway moving on to the topic at hand.

Here are my stats:

Starting weight: 13st 13lbs
Weight Week 1: 13st 10.5lbs

Total weight loss: 2.5lbs


Hell to the year. I'm gonna celebrate that so much. Obviously it is unlikely I'll get those kinds of results every week but I'm happy. So happy that I went to body combat class and had a massive salad for dinner.

Some other delicious and healthy food I have consumed this week:

My scales also provided me some other stats which I will share with you every week.

These are as follows:

Fat Percentage: 32.8% (This does put me in the healthy range but the high end of the healthy range I believe)

Water Percentage: 49.1% (This is normal)

BMI: 29.1 (So we all know I got a long way to go on this..should be under 25 roughly to be considered healthy)

New goals: To get my fat % down, as well as my BMI. This will mostly come from exercise and eating better but helpful to keep an eye on it.

Goal for next week: lose 1.5lbs
(Don't want to aim to high or too low so going for a nice reachable number.)

Lastly I got my haircut, so here is a picture for no reason other than I can.

Right see ya later buddies!

Em xx

Sunday 6 January 2013

Mid-Week Catch Up

So it's come to Sunday night and as I've got a few minutes to spare before bed I thought I'd write down how I've been getting on. It's been a very interesting first few days back on it, first few days were the easiest as usual but as you all know it is getting harder each day to stay on track and to be good each time temptation is thrust in your face.

So Wed and Thursday were circuits and spin classes. Friday I was off work ill but I still went for a lovely 40 minute walk to clear my lungs and get some exercise in for the day. Pictures of walk below.

This weekend I went to visit a close friend of mine. We had a lovely time shopping; a few drinks and went  out for dinner twice.

Both times I was really good. In Zizzis I had the skinny rustica - which is like a pizza but smaller and comes with a salad and is made out of wholemeal flour. Then in Cafe Rouge today I had salmon fillet with a salad nicoise. So lovely and healthy :D Was so impressed.

Breakfast was scrambled eggs and orange juice. So got lots of fruit, veg and protein in this weekend overall!

I usually find it very hard to eat healthier when I'm away visiting, so I took some food with me which really helped. Also it meant we didn't have to make an extra visit to the food shop just for me. I do hate to put people out because of my healthy eating.

We went shopping and I got a lovely jumper to see me through the rest of winter (which will go nicely under my new lovely and warm gillet). I also brought some teabags. Nice to have a selection for once, as I am rather addicted to my Earl Grey.

And here's me in my new lovely jumper (but I'm also using it to show you how I'm looking at the moment):

Lastly when I woke up this morning my voice was really croaky and it's been fading in and out all day. I'm hoping it's not something serious like laryngitis but I'm sure I'll find out soon enough. So this week may be a case of just eating healthier and not much hard exercise. Keeping positive.

Good luck this week everyone. Have a great weight loss week.

Emily xxx