Thursday 28 February 2013

On the right path still...I think....

Hello Sll

Laptop still broken, so I'm now using the work computers.

I'm still at it. Still trying to lose the weight and tone up a bit. Getting to the gym has been very hard this past month and I'm unhappy to admit I have eaten far more treats that I should have. Treats are meant to be treats, not everyday food :D Must remember that!!!

In spite of this, I'm still optimistic. I'm now into a regular pattern of Gym on Wednesday (Body combat) and Thursday (Spin). Just need to work on a Monday workout, but always feel dog tired. Going to keep trying to fit something in whenever I can, instead of routine days. Unfortunately I'm just a routine kind of gal.

One positive action is that from tomorrow I'm going to try and walk to work. Just been having trouble waking up in time you see. Something I always forget is that things take time to become a regular habit and things sometime need to be eased into i.e working on getting up 15 minutes earlier and then 30 minutes etc. Then soon I shall be able to leave on time to get to work and get a nice cup of tea :D

I've realised I have a massive addiction to chocolate and need to make sure I'm on top of that. So no snacking on chocolate, only have some if someone else offers. Thinking about it, I have probably had this revelation before... :/

Got some lovely things to look forward i.e. a trip to paris with my boyfriend and also his birthday weekend. So I won't be good as gold but I can still take care of my body.

Well that's all really. The scales read at somewhere about 13st 9lbs at the moment but will try and do an accurate recording next week.

Love to you all.

Em xx


  1. Glad to see a new post from you! Ahhh chocolate...don't you wish it tasted gross?

  2. Emily, how are you doing? :)