Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Gym Session and.................HOLIDAY!

So I finally feel like I'm getting back into it but I'm hesitant to say anything like 'Hey, I'm back for good'. Don't want to count my chickens!

However, I did go to the gym today! It was meant to be an abs class but no-one else turned up, so the instructor decided I would be having a personal training session. Yay for me!

The trainer (Greg) started me with 3 minutes on the cross trainer to get me warmed up. We had a little discussion about my prolonged absence. He was very understanding but he was keen for me to get back into it, as was I at the time. Strange that just need someone to believe in you and encourage you and you're raring to go again!

Once warm-up was over, he had me do 20 squats with 5kg weights and then 12 lap pull downs at 55kg. I had to do this 3 times and man was it hard! I swear my face looked like this most of the time :(

Very, Very Sweaty!

After that I had to cycle 3km on the bike. A little bit of Cardio he called it! Such a charmer.

Next was 12 lunges with 4kg weights and 10 box press ups. He commented my form in my lunges was excellent :D Happy Emily.

I struggled with the press-ups. I always have and always wondered why. Recently I realised my left wrist is much weaker than my right which I think is due to my ganglion cyst (harmless, so don't worry about me) on my left wrist.

This is what mine looks like. This is NOT my wrist.
Once I told him that, he asked me to use the weights whilst doing my press-ups and it caused there to be much less pressure on the wrist. However the press-up got a whole lot harder and I ended up only doing 6 on the final round of 3 sets.

The exercise that followed was 3 sets of 20 bunny hops over the weight bench. Hard as it put pressure on my wrist but I persevered, only dropping to 10 on the last set. I'm still proud.

The last thing of my work out was reverse crunch exercises. Had to do 2 sets of 10. Painful as haven't done a whole lot of abs in a long while but I pushed through. So proud of myself. Even considering going swimming tonight.

Greg did suggest that I needed more protein in my diet, especially in the morning and recommended I try a female friendly protein shake for breakfast and after work-outs. The one he suggested is called 'Diet FX' (picture below).

Think I will try the Banana flavour.

I'm keen to try it for at least a month and see how it goes. I also plan to cut back on the pudding :(

My last bit of news for you all is that I'm going on HOLIDAY!!!! My family are going for a lovely week in the (fingers crossed) sunny Mallorca, Spain. I'm really rather excited. The added bonus... we are going to go walking, swimming, cycling and scuba diving. So we will be extremely active!

Right catch up with you all soon!

Emily xx

Eat well, Exercise strong and Be happy!


  1. What a great workout!! Good for you! Keep it up!

  2. Nice workout. Have a great holiday. Love hearing from you. :)

  3. Hey, check you out! You did great in your PT session.

    Have a wonderful holiday!!

  4. Emily, you just sound really happy :-) I'm waiting for the blog about the new boy.......

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