Thursday, 30 August 2012

New Job....New Start? Hmmmmm


So we always say with a new start in our lives, we are going to drastically change something. We can't help it, we always feel a renewed energy when we can start all over again. This is what I'm going to try and cash in on when I start my new job!

New job yay!!

So at the end of September I will be moving to a whole new place and I can just feel my enthusiasm to start losing a bit more weight. I really hope I can continue!

I noticed that its coming up to a year when I first started Blogging! I know I've been terrible for the past 6 months but I've just been so busy and Blogging takes up an extraordinary amount of time! You will all have experienced hours slipping by just by catching up with a few blogs, never mind writing your own blogs.

So my plan is from the beginning of October to start Blogging weekly on a Wednesday to recount my week's fitness and eating lifestyle. And maybe catch up with a few of my favourites :p

I'm not going to start counting my calories so much though, just have weekly challenges i.e. no chocolate for one week, no bread for another, no pasta for another. See if I can't cut down on some of my worst habits. I will also try and exercise 4 times a week. Nothing too serious but get me moving again.

The worst point of my new job is that I'm moving away from my other half :(

This is my boyfriend Matt :D

We are going to try the long distance thing and I'm hopefully that we can make it work. The only upside is that I will have more time in the week etc to focus on my weight loss and healthier lifestyle. We all know a relationship can make us lax, especially at the beginning!

My plan is to find the local swimming pool and the local Zumba class! Then check out the gym costs etc. Otherwise I may invest in some more home gym equipment! All depends on where I live, I have some house viewings coming up.

Eeeek it's all so exciting! And everything is happening so fast! I will have started my new job in less than a month :o

So excited, I just can't wait!

So assuming everything goes to plan, I should be back before you know it and kicking ass once again!

Emily xxxx

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Gym Session and.................HOLIDAY!

So I finally feel like I'm getting back into it but I'm hesitant to say anything like 'Hey, I'm back for good'. Don't want to count my chickens!

However, I did go to the gym today! It was meant to be an abs class but no-one else turned up, so the instructor decided I would be having a personal training session. Yay for me!

The trainer (Greg) started me with 3 minutes on the cross trainer to get me warmed up. We had a little discussion about my prolonged absence. He was very understanding but he was keen for me to get back into it, as was I at the time. Strange that just need someone to believe in you and encourage you and you're raring to go again!

Once warm-up was over, he had me do 20 squats with 5kg weights and then 12 lap pull downs at 55kg. I had to do this 3 times and man was it hard! I swear my face looked like this most of the time :(

Very, Very Sweaty!

After that I had to cycle 3km on the bike. A little bit of Cardio he called it! Such a charmer.

Next was 12 lunges with 4kg weights and 10 box press ups. He commented my form in my lunges was excellent :D Happy Emily.

I struggled with the press-ups. I always have and always wondered why. Recently I realised my left wrist is much weaker than my right which I think is due to my ganglion cyst (harmless, so don't worry about me) on my left wrist.

This is what mine looks like. This is NOT my wrist.
Once I told him that, he asked me to use the weights whilst doing my press-ups and it caused there to be much less pressure on the wrist. However the press-up got a whole lot harder and I ended up only doing 6 on the final round of 3 sets.

The exercise that followed was 3 sets of 20 bunny hops over the weight bench. Hard as it put pressure on my wrist but I persevered, only dropping to 10 on the last set. I'm still proud.

The last thing of my work out was reverse crunch exercises. Had to do 2 sets of 10. Painful as haven't done a whole lot of abs in a long while but I pushed through. So proud of myself. Even considering going swimming tonight.

Greg did suggest that I needed more protein in my diet, especially in the morning and recommended I try a female friendly protein shake for breakfast and after work-outs. The one he suggested is called 'Diet FX' (picture below).

Think I will try the Banana flavour.

I'm keen to try it for at least a month and see how it goes. I also plan to cut back on the pudding :(

My last bit of news for you all is that I'm going on HOLIDAY!!!! My family are going for a lovely week in the (fingers crossed) sunny Mallorca, Spain. I'm really rather excited. The added bonus... we are going to go walking, swimming, cycling and scuba diving. So we will be extremely active!

Right catch up with you all soon!

Emily xx

Eat well, Exercise strong and Be happy!

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Helllooooooooooooo....Yes I am Still Alive.........

So Yes, I am still alive despite a complete and utter lack of Blogging!

I still don't know what is happening to me. I was already to come back and get back on it but I just never did! I'm so busy in my life these days. I'll list just how much stuff I'm having to content with right now:

1) Job
2) Find new job
3) Find somewhere to live
4) New boyfriend
5) Starting new company
6) See Friends
7) exercise?

Unfortunately exercise is coming last at the moment. I know it shouldn't be but it is. I'm trying to go swimming, pop to the gym and go for walks but I just don't have the enthusiasm and determination any more.

I know one of the biggest reasons is that I've met someone. He doesn't really help on the food front, not in a you must eat all this food kind of way, but it's so much harder to eat right when you're going out for food, not sure when you will be home and eating at someone else's place. It makes calorie controlled dieting very hard.

I'm continuing to eat vegetables and eat protein, also getting my daily fruit in but the snacks are doing me in. My bad bad housemate keeps making muffins, biscuits all sorts :(


I really do want to be 11 stone and my goal is 12 stone. I just need to find some new balance in my life, some fresh determination. Hopefully by July a lot of the other pressures will have lessened and I can focus more on losing weight :D

I will try to fit in a Blogging session a week. Not sure if I'm brave enough to get on the scales, think I want to go and find some of my tone again before I even think about it :p

SO.........I'm just been catching up on all of you and you are doing so well! I'm just so proud of all of your continuing efforts. Having a high five from me :D

Love to you all,

Emily xxx

Sunday, 22 April 2012

A Strange Month.... Back to it... Soon :D

Wow I feel as if I've been away forever! It has most certainly been a strange month for me.

I got through to a second interview for a job and was turned down. Surprisingly I'm not as upset as I thought I would be. In a way it has helped me decide on what I want to do with my life and what I don't want to do with it. I definitely don't want to work in a stuffy, high brow job. I'm far too talkative for that :D So don't worry I'm all good!

This is my new motto for life. Do you like it?

Things I've noticed since taking my leave of absence from blogging and dieting:

1) You slip very easily into not exercising :o
2) You focus less on food
3) You lose all that hard earned toning :(
4) Overall you feel happier but it doesn't last forever
5) You can maintain your weight

My break has been a real learning curve for me. I like being toned and miss it but I don't miss the constant guilt over eating something nice and perhaps less than healthy for me. On the other hand I know I need to lose a few more stone. So the plan is to at the start of May get back on it and get down to 12 stone. Take another break and then start again and get down to 11 stone. Hopefully I will finally be happy with myself.

I'm going to enjoy the next 8 days of freedom and then welcome back the healthy eating and lifestyle!

I'll see you all there and I can't wait to see how you're all doing :D I bet I'm in for some good reading and celebrating with you all!

Emily xxx

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

A Little Bit of Honesty..

Right I've decided it's finally time to write this post. I've been putting it off for a while, partly because I wasn't sure why I was feeling like this and partly because I'm afraid of what you all might say.

I really have just been going through the motions of weight loss recently.

I've lost my drive.

I'm not saying I've started to eat a lot again and that I've completely stopped exercising because I haven't. I enjoy exercising. I'm still going to the gym, I still swim. I'm still being active. I'm just not busting my ass off any more.

On the food side, I'm not calorie counting any more either but I'm also not scoffing myself either. I still eat healthy. Try and eat fresh foods. Get my protein in. Avoid too many carbs. Still eating whole wheat. I'm just also enjoying some other foods again. Trying to keep it in balance.

I know I still want to eventually get to 11 Stone but at the moment I'm fine with who I am. I am happy. I'm not obsessing about my weight and I like that.

So I'm questioning why I need to try and lose weight so hard, when I'm finally happy with me?

I will try and do some more exercise though, as I truly believe that is the best way to lose weight and to keep it off.

I still want to follow all you in your weight loss journeys but I'm debating whether to continue with RFSC.

What do you all think?

Emily xxxx

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Getting Back On It

Wow went to the gym today finally and I'm feeling really good. I signed up for an abs class tomorrow and another on Friday. Then going to do circuits Thursday, rest day day Saturday. Then Sunday I'm going Horse Riding and Swimming. I'm feeling mega pumped :D

This challenge round I'm focusing massively on the exercise, keeping active, keeping my body moving and therefore keeping my metabolism from slowing down. I'm also trying to eat less processed food. So that means fresh, fresh, fresh all the way!

Someone posted this photo of me today from last month and I think I look really good. It's given me a massive confidence boost, just need to get back into the swinging of exercising after my illness.

Life is really busy right now but I'm determined to keep focused on exercising. I'm loving this weather just makes you feel good inside :D

Ta Ta for now :D

Emily xxx

Sunday, 25 March 2012

RFSC Week 1 Goals

I can't tell you how excited I am that Ready for Summer Challenge is here :D

Why hello sun :D I've missed you!

I have been slacking and naughty heehee :D Getting in all the good stuff before I get back on it!

So I've decided to re-adjust my RFSC Goals slightly. My leg is still causing me issues, so I don't think the running goal is a good idea. Will definitely try and run some but I'm going to focus on other things.

So my new OVERALL GOALS are:
1) Get to 12 Stone
2) Cycle 20km

My WEEK ONE GOALS are as follows:
1) Lose 1lbs
2) Exercise 4 times
3) Try a new meal
4) Go Swimming
5) Go for a walk

Right I can't wait to get started, it's going to be an amazing SUMMER!

Emily xx

Wednesday, 21 March 2012


I'm actually really looking forward to starting this challenge. I need these challenges to help keep me focused and on track. I've decided this time to keep it simple and focused otherwise I get too overwhelmed.

1) Weight loss - Goal 12 Stone 
2) Exercise - Cycle 20km

I plan to get involved with the mini challenges and will continue to eat healthy and exercise regularly.


Emily xx

Monday, 19 March 2012

Spring Chick's Challenge - The End

The End Measurements - Total Lost

Weight: 12 Stone 12lbs   -4lbs
Arms: 12.5" -0.5"
Chest: 33" -2"
Waist: 31" same
Stomach: 39.5" same
Thighs: 22.5" -0.5"
Calf: 15.5." -0.5"

(I'm just using the results from my last measurements)

Goals & Results

1) Committment to a NSV (non scale victory)    
Lose 20 Inches - lost    inches
improving my 1mile time - Injury prevented me from running for most of this challenge but I will be trying this again in my new one
I want to be a size 14 comfortably - Yay I fit into 14's :D

2) Committment to a set of nutrition parameters
Calories - Stick to my 1000 a day: Learnt a lot - definitely need to eat more. I've learnt the food is secondary to exercise really. We were never meant to sit on a chair in an office all day :D 
Water 6 Glasses a day - Done really well. Most days completed! Really upped my water intake and feel proud!

3) Commitment to a set of exercise parameters. 
Exercise 6 Times a week - Averaged 4/5 times a week. Seems manageable for me.
Gym 4 times a week - 3/4 a week works well :D proud to say I did well here!
Swimming 1 times a week - Completed
Zumba 1 times a week - Stopped going Zumba due to monetary issues :( Hopefully will either start going again or will buy the game.
Horse Riding once a month - Again monetary issues but I'm still endeavouring to go!
Try a new sport each month - Fail. I'm too boring!

4) Committment to blogging 
I commit to blog at least twice a week - Win (except last week due to illness)
One time will be about my update for this challenge - Win (again illness)

The Questions
What lessons have you learned?
I have learnt to listen to my body and that I need to be constantly active not just bursts of high activity when I'm gyming it up or swimming. I need to remain active as much as possible. Food is not the enemy... being lazy is. I can do this and I will be the weight I want to be.

What would you do differently?
I don't think I could've done much different, as you deal with the problems that arise as and when they do. You can't predict when you might become ill etc. You just have to roll with the punches!

How will you proceed from here?
I will be doing the ready for summer challenge and this time I've set myself a big goal!

What advice would you give someone about to join a weightless challenge group?
BE HONEST. They only want to help :D

Will blog soon :D

Emily xx

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Happiness vs. 'fatness' - Fat?

Weighing in now at 12 Stone 12lbs, I have to ask myself the question:

 'Am I still fat'?

At what point do I become not fat?

Is it when I reach a healthy BMI? Is it when I reach my goal weight or even is it when society deems me to be not fat?

The real answer is ME. 

I get to decide whether I'm fat or not and let me tell you I am not fat. Fat is an ugly word for me. It only serves the small minded people to make themselves feel better about themselves.

I do think happiness is as intangible to decide as fatness but it's something I'm much happier to chase down.

Happiness is looking in the mirror and thinking I am a person... no matter my size, shape, weight, looks or lifestyle. Happiness should be accepting yourself as you are.

I think, as people who follow healthy lives and every day strive to do what is best for our bodies, we should ban the term 'Fat' from our vocabulary. The only terminology we should accept when referring to ourselves should be words such as: 'Healthy', 'Active', 'Positive' and 'Beautiful' etc. A positive attitude can only encourage Happiness.

I personally will continue to strive to reach my goal weight and I will do it by Christmas 2012 but I will never forget what my friend once told me:

' ...while I liked Emily at 13+st and I shall like her just as much at 11...' 

My Fab friend and I being awesome!
Meaning no matter my size she thinks I'm pretty great, just as I do :D

Emily xxx

Monday, 5 March 2012

Week 9 Measurements and Week 10 Goals

Sorry for a skipping a week but as I've already blogged I was rather ill :D

So here are the results for week 9 and basically i also the results of my February Challenge :D

 Weight: 12 Stone 12 Pounds

Arms: 12.5" (same)
Chest: 33" (-0.5")
Waist: 31" (+0.5")
Stomach: 40" (+0.5")
Thighs: 22.5" (-1")
Calf: 15.5" (-0.5")

My New Scales are a bit weird they gave me these results:

Weight: 12st 6lb
Body Fat %:  30.3
Body Water %: 50.9
BMI:  26.7

I was unsure that I would be that low of a weight, so I checked with another one and it agreed with my usual scales. So I'm sticking with my 12st 12lbs for now!

If you can believe it, I've finally broken into 12 Stone! I'm so happy. I know the measurements are off but I think that's because I've been ill and not been able to go to the gym.

I'm feeling really positive today and I'm looking forward to four days off exercise and fun! :D

I will be 12 stone by Summer!

Week 10 Goals

  • Exercise 6 days
  • Get Better
  • Do a plank every day for a week
  • Eat healthy
Emily xx

P.s I lasted the whole month without alcohol :p

Friday, 2 March 2012

Tonsillitis = Food Binge

Yep... you got it... a case of tonsillitis to finish my oh so fantastic month off in style. It's been pretty bad over the past few days to be honest. Waking up in sweats, swollen glands, feverish, quite overwhelming at some points but alas I finally saw the doctor today and she gave me some magic pills :D Well not magical pills but you get my drift. I think I am already on the mend!

I do think the best part about being ill is that you get to eat whatever you want! That might be quite a controversial statement here on the blog-spheres but I stand by it. Everyone needs comfort food when they feel crappy. Oddly my list of comfort food for my sister to buy was the following:


Tomato Soup

Hummus with Toasted Pitta Breads

Ice Cream :D Medicinal I promise :p

Chocolate...yeah I know naughty me but hey I'm ill :D

Orange Juice

Bit random really but I guess some of my favourite things aren't all that bad for me. One day when I reach my goal weight I will be able to eat these things in moderation and enjoy on normal days but for now I'll save them for sick days!

I'm quite bummed about being sick on my 'Holiday Days' from work but my dad says as I'm actually medically proven sick, I should be able to claim back my days off!! I hope I can because I had to cancel all my plans. I'm going to try and reschedule most of them for Easter time :D

I read about the new Summer Challenge that is being proposed and I'm keen to get involved. I've found, although I've been plagued with many challenges since the new year, my determination to keep trying has been kept up by being involved with the Spring Chicker's. Once I'm better I'm hoping the new challenge will give me a renewed burst of enthusiasm for losing weight.

I find weight loss much easier in the summer, as I'm sure many people do, so I will hopefully be able to start shifting some proper weight again.

I wish you all the best of luck with your weight loss this week :D

Keep smiling!

Emily xx

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

It's nearly over.....

My Spring Chicks Check In will be late this week, as I'm going to tie it in with my round up of my February Challenge.

Things are work are still a little tough, but got a meeting next week with the big boss. So hopefully we will know more then.

I'm off home tomorrow to see my family and my dogs tomorrow :D Wooo! Looking forward to getting home and relaxing, been uber stressed and I do not like it one bit.

My ankle is feeling better. However I am being really careful as I don't want to damage it again. I went to the gym today and did:

10 mins cross trainer, then 
3x 15 squats
3x 12 lunges,
3x 8 press ups
3x 15 lap pull downs
3x various arm weight exercises
5 mins cool down on bike

Worked really hard and felt good :D

My ankle seems ok now, so will see how it is in abs class tomorrow. Going to try and keep the momentum going whilst at home but again not going to push it.

I'm looking forward to finishing this challenge. I feel like I've learnt a lot but will blog about that on Thursday!

So ONLY ONE DAY MORE WITHOUT ALCOHOL :D (although don't miss it as much as I thought I would)

Nearly over :D

Ta Ta for now!!

Emily xx

Friday, 24 February 2012

Hell of a Week But I'm Doing Okay!

It's been a bit of a bumpy week for me. Lot's of ups and downs.

First things first, my boss resigned on Wednesday, which basically puts my job in a certain amount of jeopardy. It wasn't done out of spite or anything but it was a fairly upsetting event. I'm now looking for a new job (I still have mine) and I'm feeling really out of balance.

I've also damaged my ankle, every time I think it's better it takes another funny turn. I'm taking the weekend off and will begin exercising again on Monday. I will do some abs work however over the weekend. I tried some arm weight exercises on Thursday, which I enjoyed. Next time I get new circuits I shall be requesting some of those exercises.

One more thing that has really got me down is my lack of money. It's been really hard to eat healthy or even eat properly due to lack of funds. I should be paid in the next few days. I'm going to try budget better this month, so that this doesn't happen again. I also need a new swimming costume as mine just gapes open when I swim. Rather embarrassing I can tell you! I've heard you need to replace your costume very 6 months or so when you swim regularly. as the chlorine damages the elasticity of it. Anyway I shall be investing in a new one.

On a slightly different note I have settled on a smoothie recipe that I like to drink:

In this bad boy: skimmed milk, frozen berry fruits, banana, spinach, oats, honey and low fat Greek yoghurt! It's absolutely amazing!

I'm off to see my physiotherapist a week on Monday and she hopefully will be able to sort my leg so I will be able to start running.Then I will start to burn some serious calories :D Although I must say I really do enjoy the strength work and I'm starting to really looking forward to my abs class on Wednesday.

So lot's of bad stuff but am trying to not let the negative get me down. Feeling ok, like I can get through this. Still no booze even after the week I've had..... I'm pretty proud of myself!

I will blog on Sunday about my week as usual but will be weighing in officially on the Tuesday for the grand finale, as it will be the end of my Month challenge. Even if I haven't lost much weight I feel much better about myself overall and I have lost inches. So something has to be going right!!

Love to you all, thanks for reading,

Emily xxx

Monday, 20 February 2012

Week 7 Measurements and Week 8 Goals

So here are my measurements for week 7:

Weight: n/a
Arms: 12.5" (same)
Chest: 33.5" (-0.5")
Waist: 30.5" (-1")
Stomach: 39.5" (-0.5")
Thighs: 23.5" (same)
Calf: 16" (-0.5")

Things seem to be going in the right direction wooo! Done a lot of dancing. Not weighing myself has really taken the pressure off and I'm feeling much better. Perhaps I may switch to fortnightly weigh ins in the future?? What do you guys think?

I found a really terrible picture of myself today on-line. It was truly awful :( I looked fat and horrible. I can't show you the really horrible one but there's a close second. I can't believe just how fat I look.


So I'm also treating you to some before and after pictures today. I know... don't you feel special now :D

So this is me back Oct/Nov 2011 time, about when I was just getting into it all!

Sexy front shot

Here's me from the side:

Eurgh dislike legs here!

And this is me February 2012:

Got me legs hidden away but you get the jist :D

Another sexy side shot here for your viewing pleasure :p

Loving how flat my tummy is!
So there are the piccies. :D

February challenge update: Still tracking, Drinking water and no alcohol. 

However I've had to give up exercising every day a) because it's impossible lol and b) I've had a cold and have now injured my left foot, so having to take it easy. I swear I just break all the time :D

Right will encourage said friends to get healthy, although I do find I do this anyway. I'm such a good influence.

Good luck for all your weigh ins :D

Emily xxxx

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Natalie: A Case Study

After seeing some of my fellow Bloggers interview people, I decided to interview one of my friends. This is her weight loss story:

Why do you want to lose weight? 
Being heavier doesn't suit me. I know that sounds vain but when you hear people saying "oh she's a bit heavy but she has a pretty face" that doesn't relate to me. I don't hold weight well.

What is your goal weight and when do you hope to achieve this goal?
I would like to be 70kg (I'm 77.5kg at the moment) as I think that is a nice number. I don't know if that's what I should be at my height I just like the number. I would like to be that weight by Summer.

Natalie is on the left.

Do you track your calories in any way?
I use Livestrong occasionally. I used to follow it religiously but when I had to keep going back to London it got more difficult to track so stopped and got out the habit. It's just a lot of effort now.

What do you eat in a typical day?
I have crunchy nut cornflakes for breakfast, soup and a roll for lunch and usually spaghetti bolognese for dinner or a potato with salad.

How much and what exercise do you do in a week?
I do Hour of Power on Wednesday and Friday, Zumba on Thursday (every other week), swimming on Monday (every other week) and fencing on Saturday.

Are there any sports/exercise that you particularly like?
Fencing and Badminton. They both require a lot of focus.

Are there are any sports/exercise you particularly dislike?

You say you hate running, why do you think you hate it so much?
I don't like the way everything moves when I run. It makes me feel uncomfortable and self conscience.

What has been your biggest lesson since starting to lose weight?
Don't expect to lose weight all in one go. It takes a lot of time and patience. I used to be 90kg and it has taken a few years to reach this weight. It's not been easy and I have a huge sweet tooth which makes it more difficult.

Any advice you would give to others trying to lose weight?
Don't let it take over your life. This is just part of your life, not your entire life. You can still go out with friends....just don't have that desert you always usually have :p

A thank you to Natalie for her time.

Emily xxxxx

Thursday, 16 February 2012

My Gym in Photos (aka The Place the Pounds Go to Live) :D

Just for you all to see how small my gym really is :D

Cross Trainers x2

Rowing Machines x2 Bikes x2

Weight Machines plus free weights zone

Mats and Mirrors - Exercise Classes happen here!

Running Machines x3

As you can see it's quite small but it's got everything you would need! Plus it's really cheap as it's at my work place.

So there you go!

Emily xx

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Loving Yourself on Valentine's Day

My Valentine's Rose

I love me.

There I've said it. I may not always say it but I do know it. 

Over the past 5 months I've realised I'm actually a good friend, a nice person, I've got a good sense of humour and I'm a fun person. 

My weight does NOT define me and never will. 

One day I will find my prince charming but he won't be be completing me, he will be complimenting me.

I am a whole person all by myself.

And I deserve happiness.

Even if I never reach my goal weight it does not mean I'm a failure or less of a person.

I am just me and I love me.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Week 6 Measurements and Week 7 Goals

Drum Roll......................................

Just to let you all know I went shopping on the weekend and I was fitting into mostly 14's (UK Size). I was so excited I actually squealed and stomped my feet in the changing room in the shop. I bet my fellow changing room buddies thought I was really crazy! :D
So happy.
I think I'm close to fitting into my goal shorts now! Woop!

So here are my measurements for week 6:

Weight: n/a
Arms: 12.5" (+0.25")
Chest: 34" (same)
Waist: 31.5" (-1")
Stomach: 40" (-1.5")
Thighs: 23.5" (+0.5")
Calf: 16.5" (same)

So I'm not weighing myself till the end of the month but the measurements speak for themselves. :D
Been a good week in the end. Rough couple of days n the middle there but feeling good overall!
I went to a new physiotherapist today (had to pay) and she thinks the sheath in my left leg is tight, which means when I exercise the muscle expands and pushes against it causing me pain. She did some of her magic on it and I'm going back in three weeks after she's had a chance to research my condition and figure out the best solution. So hopefully I'll be running in no time!

Week 6 Review
How many goals did you reach?
Water -Yes, lot's of it!.
Food - Tracked every day. Some were a bit rougher but I kept on top of it.
Fitness - Had good workouts. Loving the circuits. I feel like I've done so much work after them!
Fun - I went dancing :D Truly fantastic to get out and just dance. I was completely sober, so I was literally just burning the calories all night long :D

What are you most proud of?
I'm proud that I had half a muffin, tracked my pizza and enjoyed some good food. Most of all pleased that I didn't freak out about the calories, just tracked them and continued on.

Do you have any words of advice?
Everyone can give you advice, most of the time it is really helpful, but in the end you know what you are truly capable of. Trust in that.

Week 7 Goals
Are you keeping them the same...?
I think this week I'm going to focus on my exercise programme and try some different things.
Now I know running is definitely off the cards, I've got to up my exercise game at the weekends. Need to get some good calorie burning exercises going.

My usual routine is becoming stagnant and boring. So this weeks challenge is to shake it up from a planning point of view!

Are you switching it up?
Yes I am :D See above.

What has become like a habit?
It's become second nature for me to eat healthy now. When I go to the canteen at Lunch I no longer see just food. I see the work out I would need to do to burn off the calories in that food. It's a great motivator to eat better!

MINI CHALLENGE.... Eat with smaller platers and/or utensils
Challenge Accepted

I will be blogging a loving myself meme tomorrow and I hope you do the same! Also I've got lot's of lovely pictures for you all featuring a Come Dine with Me dinner with my house mates, pictures of my gym and some various ones of food etc. Hopefully will post them this week, as I plan to devote more of my week this week to you all and my blog!

I wish you all Happiness and Health this week!

Emily xx

Friday, 10 February 2012

Sorry and Other Items

I want to start with an apology. Sorry I haven't been very supportive this week or blogged much. I've had a tough week to say the least.

Work has been stressing me out (not going to go into it) and on top of being on and plateauing, I had a mini melt down yesterday. Thanks to some lovely fellow Bloggers I pulled through and didn't do anything stupid i.e. stuff my face. So thank you all for your support. Sometime it's the only thing that gets me through.

I've actually been doing really well on the tracking calories and exercise front. I haven't done as much exercise as I would've liked but I've done enough and I'm hoping for an active weekend.

An update of Emily's February Challenge:
No alcohol so far - tomorrow night is the big test though!
Tracked everyday :D
At least 6 glasses of water without fail
Only failure is not exercising every day but have still done well... about 4/5 days out of 7 :D

My work colleague has a birthday next week and brought in some lovely muffins. There were HUGE. So I convinced her to split one with me. It was delicious and was tracked :D

Feeling positive again today. After some advice from fellow bloggers, I've decided to not weigh myself until the end of February and will only be tracking measurements. After all that is what Spring Chick's is supposed to be about, celebrating the NSV's.

Have great weekends my lovely friends :D

Emily xx

P.s Doesn't it look amazing?

Best 1/2 muffin ever!

Monday, 6 February 2012

Week 5 Weigh In and Week 6 Goals


Weight: 13 Stone 1lbs (-1lbs)
Arms: 12.25" (same)
Chest: 34" (+0.5")
Waist: 32.5" (-0.5")
Stomach: 41.5" (same)
Thighs: 23" (-1")
Calf: 16.5" (-0.5")

I'm actually on again at the moment, so I'm hoping I've lost even more thank this :D But I'm pretty happy with these results. Definitely shows a trend. I'm really working towards my February Challenge now and Can't wait to see the results.

Best moment
Sticking to my calorie goal each and every day :D

Not so great moment
Feeling out of control when I was hungry but had no money calories left!

Any funny stories
I worked out so hard today that my legs almost gave away. That would've been amusing to see!

Are you where you hoped you would be in this journey?
Not really, I'm heavier than I want to be but I'm definitely feeling a lot thinner and toned. Got to be good!

Would you like a buddy for the last 6 weeks of the challenge...?
I would love a buddy

Anybody wanna chat online sometime...?
Not really, as I already utilise the Mt. Flab Support System

Week 6 Goals
WATER - lots of it
FOOD - keep tracking
FITNESS - keep exercising
FUN - have lot's of it

Mini-Challenge: I can't survive without my tea :D So no deal for me!

Emily xx

Sunday, 5 February 2012

A Weekend Away

It's been an interesting few days away. Some people understand weight loss, others don't. It's as simple as that. It is something we will all have to cope with for the rest of our lives.

I've done really well with tracking all weekend.

Saturday morning we went swimming to an indoor  water park and we did not stop for like 2 hours! So many flumes and stairs, wave machines, rapid rivers!! It was brilliant and burnt so many calories. So I didn't feel guilty at all when I had my treat day on Saturday. We made Chocolate Brownies with Oreos. Damn they were good :D

See evidence below :p

I also got a few items such as Hot Chocolate, Loose Leaf tea and some new books.

I enjoyed seeing my friend and getting away but it was very difficult not to overeat and had to be very good today whilst my friend had more brownie. After trying really hard this week, I'm feeling positive about weigh in tomorrow night. I hope I don't feel too discouraged if it's the same.

I love love love the app to track my calories. Scanning barcode's makes tracking so much more fun and much quicker to do.

So a quick update February challenge is going well, so exercised everyday, no booze and have tracked each day.

See you tomorrow for the weigh in! I will be a size 14 by Spring :D

Emily xxx

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Food, Calories, BMR.....? What the monkeys?

A friend (who I would say is fairly knowledgeable about these things) passed on this little piece of advice to me during a recent conversation, which I have really taken in:

"I wouldn't worry about what other people say. this is your life and body and you are learning what it needs to be healthy, active and live a lifestyle you want. other people aren't you. But for your metabolism, I don't think you should ever eat below your BMR ever. the figure I heard was BMR + 20%. so i would just focus on portion size and snacking properly instead of only eating 2x per day and snacking on 2 pretzels."

You see I was getting all worked up over calories and food etc. I have been plateauing for a while and then I lost my way a bit. I stopped tracking and got all confused especially with Livestrong saying I should only be eating 1000 calories a day and others saying I should at least be eating my BMR.

As you know, I now know that my Basal Metabolic rate is about 1500. So I should be eating somewhere near that.

I agree with my friend and I have decided to eat more now. Also going to eat a bit more every 5th/6th day to try and throw my body out of whack a bit! See if I can't shake this plateau :D

To help me track now I'm using Myfitnesspal. It's been great so far. I love that I can scan the barcode of my food items :D Just so helpful! My username is emmy2468, so befriend me if you wish!

I'm feeling more confident about my food now and don't feel so restricted as before! I'm hoping it will all help me with my challenge!

Emily xx

My Motto of 2012

'A Moment on the Lips, A Lifetime on the Hips'

Every time I see the Dairy Milk Box in the office, I just repeat this mantra to myself! :D

Emily xx

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

My February Challenge

I, Emily Milsom, challenge myself to a whole month of complete Fitness & Health.

1) No alcohol shall pass thy lips
2) Track Calories Every Day
3) Drink 6 Glasses a Water Every Day
4) Exercise Every Day for a Month (Figures I pick the shortest month :p)

Ready, Set, GO!

Emily xx

Monday, 30 January 2012

Week 4 weigh in and week 5 goals!

So right I officially hates scales and being hungry :(

Weight: 13 Stone 2Lbs (+2lbs)

Oh dear after such a good week I think my naughty weekend caught up with me or the scales are stupidly silly. I really dislike them and I can't seem to get under 13 stone. It's really bothering me

It's weird if I lose weight I'm not hungry and want to exercise. If I put on weight, then I'm just massively hungry and feel extremely demotivated :( It's a cruel world!

Arms: 12.25" (-0.35")
Chest: 34" (-1")
Waist: 31.5" (-0.5")
Stomach: 41.5" (+0.5")
Thighs: 24" (-1")
Calf: 17" (same)

So some are up and some are down. I think my 3 day trial has toned me up a bit. Back on the horse I reckon. However on a bright note, my friend made me look at my beginning measurements from way back when and it turns out I've actually lost a whole 3.5" from my waist. I'm actually quite proud of that :D 

After seeing Erin's picture of herself in a swimsuit I took a better look at myself at Swimming last night and I realised I can see the differences. I may not be brave enough (Erin you are such an inspiration) like Erin but at least I can feel/see the difference. 

Things to discuss and/or consider...

What worked?
I really enjoyed having a gym buddy and going to a new gym. So I think I need to make sure I swap it up a bit. Keep it fresh!

What didn't work?
Having a treat. Apparently I still do not have any self control :(

What can you not wait to do again?
I can't wait to go back to Zumba class. I miss it soooo much!

This week has been a strange week, it started off brilliantly with my 3 day trial. I worked out so much. Then towards the end of the week I was treating myself, not just food treats but material treats and the exercise just tailed off. I need to whip myself back into Gear.

I purchased a new running top that will actually get rid of my sweat when I run :D, a new sports bottle, a new sports bra and some healthy food. I love it all but I think I now need to work hard to pay in exercise for my new stuff. Kind of like a exercise payment system! Copyright !!

In all honesty I've not eaten particularly well today but as we always say to one another 'Tomorrow is a new day".

So I say BRING IT ON!!!

Week 5 Goals

Stop snacking
Feel positive. 
Get back into my exercise routine

Love to you all :D

em x

P.S I created a list of 100 things I want to do before I die. Check it out here!

Friday, 27 January 2012

Smoothies - Your Suggestions?

Hello All,

I want to start drinking more smoothies either fruit ones or protein ones. Just need a little something before workouts etc Even possibly at breakfast but need suggestions.

Can you give me the recipes for the best ones you've found or created?

Emily xx


Made a smoothie for myself based on your suggestions. Basically combined my fave stuff really! It was so yummy!

1 banana
Oat Milk
Frozen Fruits (raspberry's and berries)
Dash of Skimmed Milk
Low fat Greek yoghurt - Couple of Spoons


Thursday, 26 January 2012

Day 3 of LA Fitness Free Trial

The end has arrived and our free trial is over! What a sad thought. I have rather enjoyed having my gym in my home town.

We finished up the trial with a warm up on the rowing machine, then some of the floor exercises from Day 2, then I popped onto the reclining bike (first time and I'm not a fan) and then a small run. Swimming to finish off.

Funny enough not one person asked us to sign up whilst we were there. I've had a call since but I'm not calling them back. :D I got what I wanted. I know so naughty!

My leg is still hurting me so I can't go full pelt but I don't really want to stop exercising. So I'm taking tomorrow off and my housemate should be massaging my leg tomorrow or Saturday. Can't wait!

I tried my first smoothie today. I put milk, oatmeal, honey and a banana in a blender and it was delicious :D

On Saturday I'm going to buy myself some new working out clothes, possibly some weights and a sports bottle. I really feel I need a boost and I'm sick of my usual clothes. So I'm hoping this will pick me up.

I'll be exercising over the weekend and I'm looking forward to weighing in on Monday.

Emily x

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Day 2 of LA Fitness Free Trial

So day 2 complete! I'm really enjoying it so far!!

Today we had a personal training session with a lovely girl called Laura.

She got us doing a 5 min row for warm up. Then took us to the exercise floor and ran us through a lot of body exercises. It was really great to get some one on one training and to be able to ask questions. I totally milked it for all it was worth :D

I then did 1km on the cross trainer. Then about 2.5km on the bike. I had to stop early than I would have liked because my leg caused me a little bit of bother. So will stretch and massage it out again.

One really cool thing we got, before our PT session was over, was a go on their fancy little weighing scales and here follows are my statistics according to their machine.......

Weight: 82kg (will wait till monday and my own scales to do the official weigh in but woo I'm lighter)
Body Fat: 40.7%
Muscle: 26.2%
BMI: 28.2 (still overweight but its going down!)

And the most interesting fact of all:

Resting Metabolism rate: 1561kcal

So an interesting evening and I'm looking forward to the last day of the trial! Turns out though I may be able to get a free trial in another gym. :D

Emily xx

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Day 1 of LA Fitness Free Trial

So today marked the first day of my free 3 day trial at the LA Fitness gym in town. A friend of mine suggested I sign up and get the free trial, so I did and then made my best friend sign up with me because we all know everything is less scary with a good friend by your side.

We were nearly late, not my fault I might add but we got there in the end. The girl at reception just checked our pass/ ID and waved us in. Apparently there is no safety briefing and you can just do whatever you want!! :o Not as professional as I hoped it would be. Nether the less, we managed to find some changing rooms and get onto the gym floor.

So my gym session went as follows:
1km on Cross Trainer
1km Bike
2 km Walk
1km Run
Swim 40 Lengths (20m pool)

I think about 400/500 calories but not completely sure! I felt exhausted after. We are trying to get as much out of the free sessions as possible. I don't think I would ever pay the 40 plus fee but its nice to have a taster of other gyms and see what they are like.

I'll update you tomorrow on how the rest of the free trail goes.

We were offered a complimentary personal trainer session on our way out, so I will let you know how that goes as well.

Have eaten well today, perhaps could have drunk more but feeling very positive this week.

Emily x

Monday, 23 January 2012

A Little Emotional Right Now

Just logged into Blogger to catch up with all you lovely Bloggers.

Sorry I've been AWOL. Birthday celebrations were rather epic :D

BUT BUT BUT whilst I was away my wonderful friend and house mate has blogged about.....ME :o

She has written some thought provoking things and has been rather too kind about me.

Here are some of my favourite excerpts from the Blog entry but feel free to read the entire post here.

"This week there's been more to celebrate as Emily has just reached a significant milestone after spending the last few months putting herself through what I would describe as a mild form of torture.  Food Deprivation and Voluntary Self-Exhaustion...  Basically, she's been trying to lose weight."

"It took me a while to get on board with the idea.  Having spent so many of my post-teenage years trying to see myself as a reasonably-normal-shaped human being and not some flabby mutant monster type thing, I find weight-loss quite a tricky concept in some ways.  "You mean after all that practise at accepting who I am, I now have to admit there's something wrong with me?"  Everybody has a problem with a bit of their body.  Everybody wants to be 'OK' so that people won't run a mile as they approach, and it's taken me a while to understand that actually I'm fine.  There's nothing really wrong with me, and in fact there's a lot rightwith me.  I've not got the perfect body, if such a thing even exists, but 'not perfect' is definitely 'good enough'.  In fact there's some bits of myself I really like now.  My legs are pretty good,  I like my hands, and I get my wrists and neck from my Mum."

" Also I've realised that while for the most part I don't feel the personal or ethical need to be particularly slim or fit, I need to make sure I remember what my body can do.  Maybe I'm not going to challenge it physically a lot of the time, but it does still need to be in good working order so that I don't get in my own way.  If you don't run much, and insist you're "not a runner", eventually you'll convince yourself of it so much that you won't ever try and run, even if it's just a short dash down the street for the fun of it. "

And my favourite bit (got rather emotional reading this actually):

"So in fact, while I liked Emily at 13+st and I shall like her just as much at 11, what she has been doing is really quite brave.  Rather than finding something she doesn't like about herself and silently fretting about it, she's challenged herself to improve, she's stuck with it, and she's winning!  I'm constantly impressed by her determination and discipline - something I could definitely stand to get a bit better at."

I'm yet to speak to her in person, as I'm feeling very emotional but it is hard work and it's so nice for that to be acknowledged by someone  I care about.

Hope you all have someone telling you all just how great your all doing because you really are :D

Emily xxx

Week 3 weigh in and week 4 goals!

Well as it was my birthday this week and I basically ate a lot and drank a lot so I'm not going to weigh myself at all this week.

I got a free 3 day pass at a Gym in Town. I've convinced my friend to go with me and we're going tomorrow, wednesday and Thursday!! Then going to work out the following four days and be extra good! Basically I don't want to ever see the scales go up! So giving myself this week off but the deal is that in exchange I have to work out every day :D

Hope all your weeks went well :D

Emily xx

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Birthday Exercise Suggestions

Just a quick post:

Fancy doing some really fun exercise on my Birthday.

Have you got any suggestions???

Emily x

Monday, 16 January 2012

SCC Week 2 Weigh In and Week 3 Goals

So it was week 2 weigh in today with SCC update:

Weight: 13 Stone (-5lb)

Arms: 13" (+0.4")
Chest: 33" (-1")
Waist: 32" (Same)
Stomach: 40.2" (-0.8")
Thighs: 23" (same)
Calf: 17" (Same)

So most of measurements are the same, so I'm hoping when my leg is better and I can start to train again that I will trim up a bit. The big thing is the weigh loss. I'm fairly hesitant to scream and shout about the supposed 5lb weigh loss. I'm thinking I never really put any on, it was just my totm that made it seem like I had but its nice to know that I'm not that big.

SCC update:
  • Losing inches - Like I mentioned staying roughly the same but think it will improve with time. 
  • 1 mile time - Still 11.12, as had to take break from running
  • Size - Clothes are definitely getting big, So I'm thinking this one will happen.
  • Calories - Not doing calories at all. So restricting and time consuming. I'm trying to start again this week
  • Water - Currently exceeding 6 Glasses a day. Whoop go me!
  • Exercise  - Exercise 4 times due to injury
  • Gym  - Went twice again because of injury
  • Swimming - No 
  • Zumba - No 
  • Horse Riding - Complete for month
  • Blogged - Have Blogged twice a week every week so far and have been supporting other challengers

How was week 2?

Did you have any a-ha moments?
When I went for a 7 mile walk, I realised just how fantastic it was to do exercise outdoors, even in winter.

What was your biggest success?
Got rid of the weight I had *put* on and didn't have any chocolates from the Milk tray sat in the office :D

What was your biggest struggle?
Not exercising due to my injury. I Wanted to exercise but knew it would be better to just not exercise and wait for it get better.

Week Three Goals:
  • Enjoy my birthday.
  • Work extra hard before and after so I can have a really good time.
  • Get my leg healed up, so taking it easy and not rushing back in.
  • Stick to healthy eating on non celebratory meals.
  • Get into 12 stone realm on scale

Emily x

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Less Exercise, Less Food?

Due to my injury, this week has been quite quiet on the exercise front. I exercised on Monday and Tuesday but had to stop because the calf muscle in my left leg developed a knot and was really tight. I realised that I wasn't stretching properly after running but I've learnt from it and won't make the same mistake again.

After three days rest, I decided I could probably exercise again (I had been stretching and massaging leg whilst time off). My house mate and I took a walk in the lovely January cold air :D We walked roughly 7 Miles. It was absolutely brilliant. It was fantastic to spend some time with her, exercise my leg out and just get out of the house and away from the television. I will be trying to take more walks and will try going with various people. It's great way to spend some quality time together.

Today's exercise consisted of Horse Riding. I go with my work colleague and it was a lot of fun. I wasn't very happy when the horse was slipping, silly ice but cantering across the fields is just amazing! 

So at the end of the weekend, my leg is feeling ok. So I'm going to try and start easing back into exercise next week but I'll see how it goes, as my ankle is doing something funny too! :o eek!

Referring to my Blog title, I had a small revelation (very small) and realised that as soon as I stopped exercising my hunger levels went right down and I found it extremely easy to eat less food. I feel like I'm starting to be able to listen to my body and understand what it's trying to say.

On a side note, I've signed up for a 3 day free trial to a gym in town. I really fancy seeing another gym and trying out their sauna :D I only feel a little guilty!

Tonight my house mates and I cooked a Frittata with fresh veg and goat's cheese. It was absolutely amazing and so delicious. We scored it 8 out of 10. It was one of the recipes out of my cookbook that I got for Christmas. We've decided to cook one every Sunday night (as best we can). It should be a lot of fun and will definitely help me get out of my food rut.

Frittata with Fresh Veg and Goat's Cheese

I will be weighing in tomorrow night and hoping I've maintained because of my injury. I'm a little worried but we'll see how it does. I've been feeling much happier this week and as long as I'm happy that's the main thing.

My birthday is on Friday, so next weekend I will do my best but I will probably gain. Hoping to have a really good four days of exercise and eating well before and I'm using my 3 day trial in the week after. So I shouldn't get much at all and as I've learnt I will eat smaller portions. 

Everything in Moderation.

I wish all my fellow Spring Chicks good luck with their weigh ins :D

Emily xx