Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Day 1 of LA Fitness Free Trial

So today marked the first day of my free 3 day trial at the LA Fitness gym in town. A friend of mine suggested I sign up and get the free trial, so I did and then made my best friend sign up with me because we all know everything is less scary with a good friend by your side.

We were nearly late, not my fault I might add but we got there in the end. The girl at reception just checked our pass/ ID and waved us in. Apparently there is no safety briefing and you can just do whatever you want!! :o Not as professional as I hoped it would be. Nether the less, we managed to find some changing rooms and get onto the gym floor.

So my gym session went as follows:
1km on Cross Trainer
1km Bike
2 km Walk
1km Run
Swim 40 Lengths (20m pool)

I think about 400/500 calories but not completely sure! I felt exhausted after. We are trying to get as much out of the free sessions as possible. I don't think I would ever pay the 40 plus fee but its nice to have a taster of other gyms and see what they are like.

I'll update you tomorrow on how the rest of the free trail goes.

We were offered a complimentary personal trainer session on our way out, so I will let you know how that goes as well.

Have eaten well today, perhaps could have drunk more but feeling very positive this week.

Emily x


  1. Sounded like it went well on Day 1. Good luck with the trainer!

    I had a bit of trouble with LA Fitness in Southampton. I blogged about it on my old blog:


    Check it out if you've got a spare few minutes.

  2. oh dear it sounds like you didn't have a very good time! We haven't had any sales talk yet and were left alone. So currently enjoying the trial. We shall see. Hopefully they can make up slightly for your bad experience!

  3. You should try a group class sometime they are a ton of fun! I love going to group classes and getting to know people and having fun in a group atmosphere. It makes for a great workout too. Good job on giving it a try.

    1. I do already do Zumba classes and go to a weekly Abs class which I find fun! Currently building up the courage to go to a spin class :D

      I don't think my free trial includes classes unfortunately :(

  4. Hope the gym works out... get it... works out. LOL... i miss the gym but with my current schedule I can't make it. Hope to get back their in the summer. In terms of membership I recommend seeing what deals you can get online because most of the time they are better than the in person sales...inhouse they have a "registration fee" which is "discounted" . So check out the web and save some money.

    1. I'm actually already member of the gym at work, which I use regularly. I'm just cheekily using the free trial for something different!
      Thought you would like to hear about it :D

  5. Sounds good! Especially the trainer part!