Sunday, 22 April 2012

A Strange Month.... Back to it... Soon :D

Wow I feel as if I've been away forever! It has most certainly been a strange month for me.

I got through to a second interview for a job and was turned down. Surprisingly I'm not as upset as I thought I would be. In a way it has helped me decide on what I want to do with my life and what I don't want to do with it. I definitely don't want to work in a stuffy, high brow job. I'm far too talkative for that :D So don't worry I'm all good!

This is my new motto for life. Do you like it?

Things I've noticed since taking my leave of absence from blogging and dieting:

1) You slip very easily into not exercising :o
2) You focus less on food
3) You lose all that hard earned toning :(
4) Overall you feel happier but it doesn't last forever
5) You can maintain your weight

My break has been a real learning curve for me. I like being toned and miss it but I don't miss the constant guilt over eating something nice and perhaps less than healthy for me. On the other hand I know I need to lose a few more stone. So the plan is to at the start of May get back on it and get down to 12 stone. Take another break and then start again and get down to 11 stone. Hopefully I will finally be happy with myself.

I'm going to enjoy the next 8 days of freedom and then welcome back the healthy eating and lifestyle!

I'll see you all there and I can't wait to see how you're all doing :D I bet I'm in for some good reading and celebrating with you all!

Emily xxx

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

A Little Bit of Honesty..

Right I've decided it's finally time to write this post. I've been putting it off for a while, partly because I wasn't sure why I was feeling like this and partly because I'm afraid of what you all might say.

I really have just been going through the motions of weight loss recently.

I've lost my drive.

I'm not saying I've started to eat a lot again and that I've completely stopped exercising because I haven't. I enjoy exercising. I'm still going to the gym, I still swim. I'm still being active. I'm just not busting my ass off any more.

On the food side, I'm not calorie counting any more either but I'm also not scoffing myself either. I still eat healthy. Try and eat fresh foods. Get my protein in. Avoid too many carbs. Still eating whole wheat. I'm just also enjoying some other foods again. Trying to keep it in balance.

I know I still want to eventually get to 11 Stone but at the moment I'm fine with who I am. I am happy. I'm not obsessing about my weight and I like that.

So I'm questioning why I need to try and lose weight so hard, when I'm finally happy with me?

I will try and do some more exercise though, as I truly believe that is the best way to lose weight and to keep it off.

I still want to follow all you in your weight loss journeys but I'm debating whether to continue with RFSC.

What do you all think?

Emily xxxx