Monday, 30 January 2012

Week 4 weigh in and week 5 goals!

So right I officially hates scales and being hungry :(

Weight: 13 Stone 2Lbs (+2lbs)

Oh dear after such a good week I think my naughty weekend caught up with me or the scales are stupidly silly. I really dislike them and I can't seem to get under 13 stone. It's really bothering me

It's weird if I lose weight I'm not hungry and want to exercise. If I put on weight, then I'm just massively hungry and feel extremely demotivated :( It's a cruel world!

Arms: 12.25" (-0.35")
Chest: 34" (-1")
Waist: 31.5" (-0.5")
Stomach: 41.5" (+0.5")
Thighs: 24" (-1")
Calf: 17" (same)

So some are up and some are down. I think my 3 day trial has toned me up a bit. Back on the horse I reckon. However on a bright note, my friend made me look at my beginning measurements from way back when and it turns out I've actually lost a whole 3.5" from my waist. I'm actually quite proud of that :D 

After seeing Erin's picture of herself in a swimsuit I took a better look at myself at Swimming last night and I realised I can see the differences. I may not be brave enough (Erin you are such an inspiration) like Erin but at least I can feel/see the difference. 

Things to discuss and/or consider...

What worked?
I really enjoyed having a gym buddy and going to a new gym. So I think I need to make sure I swap it up a bit. Keep it fresh!

What didn't work?
Having a treat. Apparently I still do not have any self control :(

What can you not wait to do again?
I can't wait to go back to Zumba class. I miss it soooo much!

This week has been a strange week, it started off brilliantly with my 3 day trial. I worked out so much. Then towards the end of the week I was treating myself, not just food treats but material treats and the exercise just tailed off. I need to whip myself back into Gear.

I purchased a new running top that will actually get rid of my sweat when I run :D, a new sports bottle, a new sports bra and some healthy food. I love it all but I think I now need to work hard to pay in exercise for my new stuff. Kind of like a exercise payment system! Copyright !!

In all honesty I've not eaten particularly well today but as we always say to one another 'Tomorrow is a new day".

So I say BRING IT ON!!!

Week 5 Goals

Stop snacking
Feel positive. 
Get back into my exercise routine

Love to you all :D

em x

P.S I created a list of 100 things I want to do before I die. Check it out here!

Friday, 27 January 2012

Smoothies - Your Suggestions?

Hello All,

I want to start drinking more smoothies either fruit ones or protein ones. Just need a little something before workouts etc Even possibly at breakfast but need suggestions.

Can you give me the recipes for the best ones you've found or created?

Emily xx


Made a smoothie for myself based on your suggestions. Basically combined my fave stuff really! It was so yummy!

1 banana
Oat Milk
Frozen Fruits (raspberry's and berries)
Dash of Skimmed Milk
Low fat Greek yoghurt - Couple of Spoons


Thursday, 26 January 2012

Day 3 of LA Fitness Free Trial

The end has arrived and our free trial is over! What a sad thought. I have rather enjoyed having my gym in my home town.

We finished up the trial with a warm up on the rowing machine, then some of the floor exercises from Day 2, then I popped onto the reclining bike (first time and I'm not a fan) and then a small run. Swimming to finish off.

Funny enough not one person asked us to sign up whilst we were there. I've had a call since but I'm not calling them back. :D I got what I wanted. I know so naughty!

My leg is still hurting me so I can't go full pelt but I don't really want to stop exercising. So I'm taking tomorrow off and my housemate should be massaging my leg tomorrow or Saturday. Can't wait!

I tried my first smoothie today. I put milk, oatmeal, honey and a banana in a blender and it was delicious :D

On Saturday I'm going to buy myself some new working out clothes, possibly some weights and a sports bottle. I really feel I need a boost and I'm sick of my usual clothes. So I'm hoping this will pick me up.

I'll be exercising over the weekend and I'm looking forward to weighing in on Monday.

Emily x

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Day 2 of LA Fitness Free Trial

So day 2 complete! I'm really enjoying it so far!!

Today we had a personal training session with a lovely girl called Laura.

She got us doing a 5 min row for warm up. Then took us to the exercise floor and ran us through a lot of body exercises. It was really great to get some one on one training and to be able to ask questions. I totally milked it for all it was worth :D

I then did 1km on the cross trainer. Then about 2.5km on the bike. I had to stop early than I would have liked because my leg caused me a little bit of bother. So will stretch and massage it out again.

One really cool thing we got, before our PT session was over, was a go on their fancy little weighing scales and here follows are my statistics according to their machine.......

Weight: 82kg (will wait till monday and my own scales to do the official weigh in but woo I'm lighter)
Body Fat: 40.7%
Muscle: 26.2%
BMI: 28.2 (still overweight but its going down!)

And the most interesting fact of all:

Resting Metabolism rate: 1561kcal

So an interesting evening and I'm looking forward to the last day of the trial! Turns out though I may be able to get a free trial in another gym. :D

Emily xx

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Day 1 of LA Fitness Free Trial

So today marked the first day of my free 3 day trial at the LA Fitness gym in town. A friend of mine suggested I sign up and get the free trial, so I did and then made my best friend sign up with me because we all know everything is less scary with a good friend by your side.

We were nearly late, not my fault I might add but we got there in the end. The girl at reception just checked our pass/ ID and waved us in. Apparently there is no safety briefing and you can just do whatever you want!! :o Not as professional as I hoped it would be. Nether the less, we managed to find some changing rooms and get onto the gym floor.

So my gym session went as follows:
1km on Cross Trainer
1km Bike
2 km Walk
1km Run
Swim 40 Lengths (20m pool)

I think about 400/500 calories but not completely sure! I felt exhausted after. We are trying to get as much out of the free sessions as possible. I don't think I would ever pay the 40 plus fee but its nice to have a taster of other gyms and see what they are like.

I'll update you tomorrow on how the rest of the free trail goes.

We were offered a complimentary personal trainer session on our way out, so I will let you know how that goes as well.

Have eaten well today, perhaps could have drunk more but feeling very positive this week.

Emily x

Monday, 23 January 2012

A Little Emotional Right Now

Just logged into Blogger to catch up with all you lovely Bloggers.

Sorry I've been AWOL. Birthday celebrations were rather epic :D

BUT BUT BUT whilst I was away my wonderful friend and house mate has blogged about.....ME :o

She has written some thought provoking things and has been rather too kind about me.

Here are some of my favourite excerpts from the Blog entry but feel free to read the entire post here.

"This week there's been more to celebrate as Emily has just reached a significant milestone after spending the last few months putting herself through what I would describe as a mild form of torture.  Food Deprivation and Voluntary Self-Exhaustion...  Basically, she's been trying to lose weight."

"It took me a while to get on board with the idea.  Having spent so many of my post-teenage years trying to see myself as a reasonably-normal-shaped human being and not some flabby mutant monster type thing, I find weight-loss quite a tricky concept in some ways.  "You mean after all that practise at accepting who I am, I now have to admit there's something wrong with me?"  Everybody has a problem with a bit of their body.  Everybody wants to be 'OK' so that people won't run a mile as they approach, and it's taken me a while to understand that actually I'm fine.  There's nothing really wrong with me, and in fact there's a lot rightwith me.  I've not got the perfect body, if such a thing even exists, but 'not perfect' is definitely 'good enough'.  In fact there's some bits of myself I really like now.  My legs are pretty good,  I like my hands, and I get my wrists and neck from my Mum."

" Also I've realised that while for the most part I don't feel the personal or ethical need to be particularly slim or fit, I need to make sure I remember what my body can do.  Maybe I'm not going to challenge it physically a lot of the time, but it does still need to be in good working order so that I don't get in my own way.  If you don't run much, and insist you're "not a runner", eventually you'll convince yourself of it so much that you won't ever try and run, even if it's just a short dash down the street for the fun of it. "

And my favourite bit (got rather emotional reading this actually):

"So in fact, while I liked Emily at 13+st and I shall like her just as much at 11, what she has been doing is really quite brave.  Rather than finding something she doesn't like about herself and silently fretting about it, she's challenged herself to improve, she's stuck with it, and she's winning!  I'm constantly impressed by her determination and discipline - something I could definitely stand to get a bit better at."

I'm yet to speak to her in person, as I'm feeling very emotional but it is hard work and it's so nice for that to be acknowledged by someone  I care about.

Hope you all have someone telling you all just how great your all doing because you really are :D

Emily xxx

Week 3 weigh in and week 4 goals!

Well as it was my birthday this week and I basically ate a lot and drank a lot so I'm not going to weigh myself at all this week.

I got a free 3 day pass at a Gym in Town. I've convinced my friend to go with me and we're going tomorrow, wednesday and Thursday!! Then going to work out the following four days and be extra good! Basically I don't want to ever see the scales go up! So giving myself this week off but the deal is that in exchange I have to work out every day :D

Hope all your weeks went well :D

Emily xx

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Birthday Exercise Suggestions

Just a quick post:

Fancy doing some really fun exercise on my Birthday.

Have you got any suggestions???

Emily x

Monday, 16 January 2012

SCC Week 2 Weigh In and Week 3 Goals

So it was week 2 weigh in today with SCC update:

Weight: 13 Stone (-5lb)

Arms: 13" (+0.4")
Chest: 33" (-1")
Waist: 32" (Same)
Stomach: 40.2" (-0.8")
Thighs: 23" (same)
Calf: 17" (Same)

So most of measurements are the same, so I'm hoping when my leg is better and I can start to train again that I will trim up a bit. The big thing is the weigh loss. I'm fairly hesitant to scream and shout about the supposed 5lb weigh loss. I'm thinking I never really put any on, it was just my totm that made it seem like I had but its nice to know that I'm not that big.

SCC update:
  • Losing inches - Like I mentioned staying roughly the same but think it will improve with time. 
  • 1 mile time - Still 11.12, as had to take break from running
  • Size - Clothes are definitely getting big, So I'm thinking this one will happen.
  • Calories - Not doing calories at all. So restricting and time consuming. I'm trying to start again this week
  • Water - Currently exceeding 6 Glasses a day. Whoop go me!
  • Exercise  - Exercise 4 times due to injury
  • Gym  - Went twice again because of injury
  • Swimming - No 
  • Zumba - No 
  • Horse Riding - Complete for month
  • Blogged - Have Blogged twice a week every week so far and have been supporting other challengers

How was week 2?

Did you have any a-ha moments?
When I went for a 7 mile walk, I realised just how fantastic it was to do exercise outdoors, even in winter.

What was your biggest success?
Got rid of the weight I had *put* on and didn't have any chocolates from the Milk tray sat in the office :D

What was your biggest struggle?
Not exercising due to my injury. I Wanted to exercise but knew it would be better to just not exercise and wait for it get better.

Week Three Goals:
  • Enjoy my birthday.
  • Work extra hard before and after so I can have a really good time.
  • Get my leg healed up, so taking it easy and not rushing back in.
  • Stick to healthy eating on non celebratory meals.
  • Get into 12 stone realm on scale

Emily x

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Less Exercise, Less Food?

Due to my injury, this week has been quite quiet on the exercise front. I exercised on Monday and Tuesday but had to stop because the calf muscle in my left leg developed a knot and was really tight. I realised that I wasn't stretching properly after running but I've learnt from it and won't make the same mistake again.

After three days rest, I decided I could probably exercise again (I had been stretching and massaging leg whilst time off). My house mate and I took a walk in the lovely January cold air :D We walked roughly 7 Miles. It was absolutely brilliant. It was fantastic to spend some time with her, exercise my leg out and just get out of the house and away from the television. I will be trying to take more walks and will try going with various people. It's great way to spend some quality time together.

Today's exercise consisted of Horse Riding. I go with my work colleague and it was a lot of fun. I wasn't very happy when the horse was slipping, silly ice but cantering across the fields is just amazing! 

So at the end of the weekend, my leg is feeling ok. So I'm going to try and start easing back into exercise next week but I'll see how it goes, as my ankle is doing something funny too! :o eek!

Referring to my Blog title, I had a small revelation (very small) and realised that as soon as I stopped exercising my hunger levels went right down and I found it extremely easy to eat less food. I feel like I'm starting to be able to listen to my body and understand what it's trying to say.

On a side note, I've signed up for a 3 day free trial to a gym in town. I really fancy seeing another gym and trying out their sauna :D I only feel a little guilty!

Tonight my house mates and I cooked a Frittata with fresh veg and goat's cheese. It was absolutely amazing and so delicious. We scored it 8 out of 10. It was one of the recipes out of my cookbook that I got for Christmas. We've decided to cook one every Sunday night (as best we can). It should be a lot of fun and will definitely help me get out of my food rut.

Frittata with Fresh Veg and Goat's Cheese

I will be weighing in tomorrow night and hoping I've maintained because of my injury. I'm a little worried but we'll see how it does. I've been feeling much happier this week and as long as I'm happy that's the main thing.

My birthday is on Friday, so next weekend I will do my best but I will probably gain. Hoping to have a really good four days of exercise and eating well before and I'm using my 3 day trial in the week after. So I shouldn't get much at all and as I've learnt I will eat smaller portions. 

Everything in Moderation.

I wish all my fellow Spring Chicks good luck with their weigh ins :D

Emily xx

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Spring chick challenge Week 1 Check in and Week 2 Goals

Right time for the bad news!!

Weight: 13 Stone 5Lbs (+3lbs)

So in theory I've put on 3lbs! In reality I'm just heavier because I'm now weighing myself in the evening. I am heavier but I'm not going to take this lying down. I will be weighing myself in every Monday after Work (roughly 6pm) and will stick to it. There may be another bump in the road when I receive my digital scales but hopefully after that I will be able to see my BMI and fat ratios etc etc. Much more accurate!

Arms: 12.6" (-0.4")
Chest: 35" (Same)
Waist: 32" (+1")
Stomach: 41" (+1")
Thighs: 23" (same)
Calf: 17" (+1")

So not the best week measurements wise but again not gonna let it get me down. Been a trying first week!

Things to discuss and/or consider...

What worked?
I've managed to do all my exercises, which I'm quite pleased with.

What didn't work?
I didn't keep to my calories at all, need to get motivated in this area again.

What can you not wait to do again?
I can't wait to run 2km again and even further!

What are you never going to do again?
I won't try and stop eating bread all together. I don't eat a lot as it is! So it was a bit silly!

Discuss your biggest obstacles and how you over came them.
My biggest obstacle is the food. I see all my friends eating nice things and find myself saying oh one or two won't hurt!! I think I'm deluding myself.

Did you receive enough support? Or do you need/ want more support?
Everyone on the Blog is being really supportive. My support at home is waning, so I may talk to them and tell them I'm struggling etc. It may help. My friend Nikki and I are talking about it, which helps. It would be great if I could find someone in the area, who is trying to do the same thing.

Week 2 Goals

Stick to Calories as much as possible.
Feel positive. Do some visualisations on goals etc
No Chocolate (after last weeks Choc Fest)
Try the eating with alternative hand challenge

So all in all I'm going to take a leaf out of Maren's book and remain positive. I can do this, no matter how long it takes. 

On another note

I'm currently suffering from an injury. I suffer from a tight calf muscle in left leg, which is currently active and causing me a lot of pain. I've realised why it's happening, I'm not stretching enough after my runs :( Silly Emily! I know!

So I didn't exercise yesterday because of it and probably won't for a few days. I'm trying to not get down about it. What exercise can I do that won't put strain on my leg?

Also any remedies? I'm currently stretching it out every 3 hours ish. A friend is also going to massage it this weekend (She's doing a course in sports massage). 

Thanks to you all,

Emily x

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Weigh In Post-poned

Hello all,

Just a quick update. I have decided to postpone my weekly weigh in for a couple of days. This is basically due to me being on my period at the moment. I really want to weigh myself and get an accurate portrayal of my weight. I know it sounds like an excuse but I don't want to feel de-motivated for no reason. I'm also in a very positive mood, so I'm hoping a couple of really good days will make the scales kinder to me and therefore give me a boost of confidence.

So I will weigh in as soon as it finishes, so by the end of the week.

I'm also thinking of changing my weigh in days/times. When do other people weigh in and what time of the day do you do it?

On a positive note, I ran 2km last night. So I've already completed my weekly Goal! I also timed my Mile - I'm currently running 11.12 Mile, so have to lose 1.12 by the end of this challenge. I think this is achievable.

I also decided that not eating bread wasn't a good goal, so I've scrapped that. I don't eat a lot of it as it is and what I do eat is wholemeal nimble. So about 58 Calories for a slice!!!

Right will Blog more soon. Just wanted to keep you all updated.

Emily x

Sunday, 8 January 2012

A Good Ending to a Bad Week

So I'm going to have to face it. It was not the ideal start to the year.

I think the main problem is that I feel as if I'm in a rut. I basically do the same thing every week and eat the same foods. It's an ongoing circle that never seems to end but I don't know how to change it. People keep saying change it up but its not as simple as that. I can't just change my life that easily, I also most likely can't afford it. I don't mean to sound so pessimistic but I'm finding it really tough to change.

I have decided to go swimming on a Sunday night now, so that I can get better use of the Gym at work on a Monday. (My gym is only available Mon-Fri). I'm hoping it will help me exercise at the weekend more. I particularly love swimming, except all the other pesky people in the pool :p

I got a cookbook for Christmas, River Cottage Veg Every Day. So I'm going to try and cook something from that every week. Again my biggest problem with that at the moment is the lack of funds to buy the ingredients. So hopefully will start that officially at the beginning of Feb.

My week in terms of exercise was very good actually. I exercised 5 out of the 7 days with plenty of walking on one of the other days. However on the negative side I didn't really have a very good week with food. To start with I couldn't figure out why I was eating so much, but at the end of the week I came on. So I now realise that probably had a lot to do with my food issues and why I have been feeling so down. I still think I'm a rut but now I'm not so upset about it. It's funny every month I forget I feel like this when I'm due on but still I get all emotional and the diet goes funny. Must remember.

I found out something awesome the other day. I'm a vegetarian you see and I discovered 1/4 of a packet of 300g of Quorn is only 27 calories (think my calculations are right). How awesome is that :D Made me feel very happy! I love that stuff!

I meant to ask you all: How much exercise do you think is too much? As I was considering going to the gym at lunchtime and then going Swimming after work. I don't want to overdo it but I think I may be erring too much onto the side of caution with my exercise schedules. You see I only get so long at Lunch to spend in the Gym, so my typical Gym session at the moment is as follows:

10 mins warm up x-trainers
Leg Press 3x 15 set
lap pull down 3 x 15 set
fit ball roll under my (lying on back, can't remember name) 3 x 8
Press up 3 x 8
Dumb bell swing 6kb 3 x 12
Lunges 3 x 12
Run 1-1.5km

I've booked into see my trainer on the 25th, so hopefully I can start changing it up a bit more soon but I want to know after doing that is it ok to do more exercise in the evening? Am I not doing enough exercise?

It's weigh day tomorrow and I'm absolutely petrified of it. I ate cake this week, friends birthday but cake non the less. I know I shouldn't feel so guilty but I do.

Well weigh in and measurements tomorrow my friends.......

Emily xx

p.s Goal for the week is to try and run 2km..... wish me luck :D

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Back to the Gym aka Aches and Pains

Back to the Gym yesterday and my legs ACHED!! :(

I can't believe how much they ached. I thought this kind of aching was over and done with. Thankfully after today's Gym session they feel a bit looser. Will just have to work through the ache I guess, get back up to my normal work out level.

Since Christmas I've started sweating a lot more whilst exercising, a friend told me that means it means I'm getting fitter. Has anyone else heard of this?

I  ran 1.5km today in the Gym. Feeling very proud of myself. The best way to do it I'm finding is to run 1km and then assess whether I can carry on or not at that point. I'm still hoping to do Race for Life this year, so I need to train up to 5km. Once I get a date for RFL then I will figure out what 5km training programme I should do. Any suggestions?

A sad thing about this month is that I'm very poor, which means I may have to cut back on some of exercises that I pay for i.e Swimming. Thankfully after my Christmas purchases I should be able to do a mini gym workout at home instead but we'll see how this month goes.

Unfortunately I had a small Cheese binge last night. It wasn't a massive amount and it was low fat but I probably shouldn't have eaten it. I'm not going to beat myself up about it but I do feel I need to get some more healthy snacks into my cupboard to avoid such situations.

Concerning the challenge I'm doing okay but I think I'm struggling on the food part. I'm going to give it two weeks. If I feel I'm not doing well, I'm going to Blog what I'm eating and exercising every day for a week and see what you all think about my regime?

Catch up soon

Em x

Monday, 2 January 2012

Starting Measurements for Spring Chicks

Hello All,

Been having some final 2011 fun and now down to the task at hand. I decided to start my measurements today, as I find Mondays are always a good starting point. You'll all be pleased to know that it seems I haven't put on any weight on over Christmas what so ever. :o I know!! Bluming heck! :D Very pleased though.

So here are my measurements (I'm sure you're dying to know).

Weight: 13 Stone 2Lbs
Arms: 13"
Chest: 35"
Waist: 31"
Stomach: 39.5"
Thighs: 23"
Calf: 16"

Currently a small 16/Big 14 in size

So I think I'm going to go Swimming today to start this off well :D

I wish you all good luck with your weight loss in 2012! We can do it! :D

Emily x