Thursday, 30 August 2012

New Job....New Start? Hmmmmm


So we always say with a new start in our lives, we are going to drastically change something. We can't help it, we always feel a renewed energy when we can start all over again. This is what I'm going to try and cash in on when I start my new job!

New job yay!!

So at the end of September I will be moving to a whole new place and I can just feel my enthusiasm to start losing a bit more weight. I really hope I can continue!

I noticed that its coming up to a year when I first started Blogging! I know I've been terrible for the past 6 months but I've just been so busy and Blogging takes up an extraordinary amount of time! You will all have experienced hours slipping by just by catching up with a few blogs, never mind writing your own blogs.

So my plan is from the beginning of October to start Blogging weekly on a Wednesday to recount my week's fitness and eating lifestyle. And maybe catch up with a few of my favourites :p

I'm not going to start counting my calories so much though, just have weekly challenges i.e. no chocolate for one week, no bread for another, no pasta for another. See if I can't cut down on some of my worst habits. I will also try and exercise 4 times a week. Nothing too serious but get me moving again.

The worst point of my new job is that I'm moving away from my other half :(

This is my boyfriend Matt :D

We are going to try the long distance thing and I'm hopefully that we can make it work. The only upside is that I will have more time in the week etc to focus on my weight loss and healthier lifestyle. We all know a relationship can make us lax, especially at the beginning!

My plan is to find the local swimming pool and the local Zumba class! Then check out the gym costs etc. Otherwise I may invest in some more home gym equipment! All depends on where I live, I have some house viewings coming up.

Eeeek it's all so exciting! And everything is happening so fast! I will have started my new job in less than a month :o

So excited, I just can't wait!

So assuming everything goes to plan, I should be back before you know it and kicking ass once again!

Emily xxxx