100 Things To Do

This is my list of things I want to do before I die :D

1) Skydive
2) Run 5k
3) Zorbing
4) Visit USA
5) Ride a Camel
6) Go Travelling
7) Get Married
8) Have Kids
9) Meet Someone Famous
10) Write a Novel
11) Learn to Sing
12) Get to Goal Weight
13) Learn to tumble in a swimming pool
14) Dye my hair Blonde
15) Be an extra in a Film
16) Have a surf lesson
17) Run a half Marathon
18) Print favourite photos and put in an album
19) Go to a Christmas Panto
20) Fly first class
21) Swim with Dolphins
22) Learn to Ski/Snowboard
23) Go on a Safari
24) Ride a Motorbike
25) Get a tattoo
26) Stop being so Bossy
27) Have a massage
28) Learn another language
29) Visit France
30) Go to Disneyland Florida
31) Visit Harry Potter World
32) Watch The Hunger Games
33) Read all Jane Austen Books
34) Read Great Expectations
35) Run from home to canal bridge 5 up to 6 and home again
36) Try a deep fried Mars Bar
37) Go without Cheese for a Month
38) Inspire someone
39) Paint a picture
40) Be Brave
41) Dance when no-one is watching
42) Fly in a helicopter
43) Watch all 6 star war films in one go
44) See an elephant 
45) Do a Blog give away
46) Be a thoughtful person
47) Don't take happiness for Granted
48) Get a job in a fiction publishing house
49) Go to a Jazz Club
50) Ballroom dancing class
51) Visit Cornwall
52) Scuba Dive in the Sea
53) Ride a skateboard for more than 1 min
54) Try Fencing
55) Try Archery
56) Do something kind
57) Hip Hop Class
58) Ride in a hot air balloon
59) Drive a sports car
60) Climb a Mountain
61) Make someone feel good about them self
61) Go Quad Biking
62) Experience weightlessness
63) Visit Paris
64) Visit the Caribbean
65) Hula dance 
66) Go to Oktoberfest 
67) Attend Glastonbury
68) Eat a large bar of chocolate and not feel guilty
69) Take a fantastic photo and turn it into a canvas
70) Fix something
71) Fall in love
72) Release any feelings of inadequacy.
73) Get out of Debt
74) Bungee Jump
75) Hold a tarantula
76) Shop at Harrods London
77) Have a spa weekend
78) Jump into the Sea - Fully clothed
79) Enjoy a personal shopper session
80) Hug a stranger
81) Write a poem
82) Live in another country for a Year
83) Draw a comic strip
84) Try raw cookie dough
85) Take a road trip
86) Grow Flowers
87) Appreciate my Grandparents
88) Make a necklace
89) Bake Brownies
90) Swim a 100 Lengths
91) Open water Swim
92) Exercise every day for a week
93) Somersault on a Trampoline
94) Try Oysters
95) Visit a Psychic/tarot reading
96) Crash a party
97) Tidy my room at my childhood home
98) Cook every Recipe in my cookbook ( River Cottage Veg Everyday)
99) Have a day without saying 'No'
100) Be Happy


  1. I feel the need to do something like this xxx

  2. 41) Never mind dancing when no one is watching - dance when they are! Maybe they'll join you :)

  3. 100) Interesting article on this today:
    Happiness is not a result, it's a choice. That's deep for a Friday morning.

    1. I agree and I choose that I'm happy :D