Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Hello you beautiful people!

Hello to you all :D

I hope you are all doing well and feeling good about the year to come.

AS many people have I've put on a considerable amount of weight this Christmas. Toooo many choccies and biscuits for Emily!

So I'm back ON IT!

My first port of call is sorting out my fitness regime. I'm already a member of a gym, so time to stop diddle daddling and get my ass to some classes. A goal is try as many new ones as possible this year: so yoga, pilates etc. Already tried spin, my bum hurt but it was well worth it.

So the plan is gym three- four times a week: Swimming, Body Combat, Spin and maybe yoga/zumba to shake things up!

Food is also a next massive priority, not necessarily cutting down on calories but cutting out the crap. This means eating god food and making better choices. To help me with this, I'm having a little challenge for myself. Basically I have to give up one thing a month and switch it for a healthier alternative. So first month is bread, shouldn't be too hard. See below for the years choices.

Item Month Alternatives
Bread January Rivita
Cheese February Grapes
Chocolate March Strawberries
Crisps April Rice Cakes
Alcohol May Apple Juice
Chips June Jacket Potatoe
Eating Out July Home Cooked version
Donoughts/Pasteries August Fruit Salad
Pasta September Rice
Biscuits October Raisins
Puddings November Hot Chocolate
Mince Pies/Short bread/mini chocolates December Carrot Sticks

I will try hard to keep to this but I know I may have to be flexible a little bit. We all know life has a funny way of surprising us.

Also got myself some new gym trousers. Hopefully these ones won't show my bum off when I do jump squats :D

I'm really going to try and blog every Wednesday :D Will see how it goes and will try read all of your amazing adventures.


Starting Weight: 13st 13lbs
Goal Weight: 12st

Emily xx


  1. I like your challenge. I used to be such a huge bread lover, but after finding out I suffer with Coeliac disease I cut out all wheat and most grains. At the time it seemed hard but now it is super easy, I don't even have to think about it. Best of luck!

  2. Welcome back. I think its good to indentify trigger foods. I like the idea of trying to replace a different one each month with a healthier alternative.

  3. I like your list on things to change, good idea! I don't know what stones are, or I do, but I have forgotten. Either way I'll be cheering for you!