Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Happiness vs. 'fatness' - Fat?

Weighing in now at 12 Stone 12lbs, I have to ask myself the question:

 'Am I still fat'?

At what point do I become not fat?

Is it when I reach a healthy BMI? Is it when I reach my goal weight or even is it when society deems me to be not fat?

The real answer is ME. 

I get to decide whether I'm fat or not and let me tell you I am not fat. Fat is an ugly word for me. It only serves the small minded people to make themselves feel better about themselves.

I do think happiness is as intangible to decide as fatness but it's something I'm much happier to chase down.

Happiness is looking in the mirror and thinking I am a person... no matter my size, shape, weight, looks or lifestyle. Happiness should be accepting yourself as you are.

I think, as people who follow healthy lives and every day strive to do what is best for our bodies, we should ban the term 'Fat' from our vocabulary. The only terminology we should accept when referring to ourselves should be words such as: 'Healthy', 'Active', 'Positive' and 'Beautiful' etc. A positive attitude can only encourage Happiness.

I personally will continue to strive to reach my goal weight and I will do it by Christmas 2012 but I will never forget what my friend once told me:

' ...while I liked Emily at 13+st and I shall like her just as much at 11...' 

My Fab friend and I being awesome!
Meaning no matter my size she thinks I'm pretty great, just as I do :D

Emily xxx


  1. I LOVE this post Emily!!! Finding our worth outside the scale is so important. We are people, and we're pretty great people too! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and linking up, it means a lot to me! ♥

  2. Great post Emily!

    I like what your friend said! :)

  3. I try to wake up every day and write down something positive. Yes I want to lose weight, but more importantly I want to live a happy and healthy life, just like you said :)

  4. Great post! Positively definitely is key... and people that think you are great just as you are never hurts either:-)

  5. Good stuff!!! And you have a great friend too :-)

  6. One positive thing about this journey is you learn to look at yourself differently and learn to like what you have. Good post.