Monday, 19 March 2012

Spring Chick's Challenge - The End

The End Measurements - Total Lost

Weight: 12 Stone 12lbs   -4lbs
Arms: 12.5" -0.5"
Chest: 33" -2"
Waist: 31" same
Stomach: 39.5" same
Thighs: 22.5" -0.5"
Calf: 15.5." -0.5"

(I'm just using the results from my last measurements)

Goals & Results

1) Committment to a NSV (non scale victory)    
Lose 20 Inches - lost    inches
improving my 1mile time - Injury prevented me from running for most of this challenge but I will be trying this again in my new one
I want to be a size 14 comfortably - Yay I fit into 14's :D

2) Committment to a set of nutrition parameters
Calories - Stick to my 1000 a day: Learnt a lot - definitely need to eat more. I've learnt the food is secondary to exercise really. We were never meant to sit on a chair in an office all day :D 
Water 6 Glasses a day - Done really well. Most days completed! Really upped my water intake and feel proud!

3) Commitment to a set of exercise parameters. 
Exercise 6 Times a week - Averaged 4/5 times a week. Seems manageable for me.
Gym 4 times a week - 3/4 a week works well :D proud to say I did well here!
Swimming 1 times a week - Completed
Zumba 1 times a week - Stopped going Zumba due to monetary issues :( Hopefully will either start going again or will buy the game.
Horse Riding once a month - Again monetary issues but I'm still endeavouring to go!
Try a new sport each month - Fail. I'm too boring!

4) Committment to blogging 
I commit to blog at least twice a week - Win (except last week due to illness)
One time will be about my update for this challenge - Win (again illness)

The Questions
What lessons have you learned?
I have learnt to listen to my body and that I need to be constantly active not just bursts of high activity when I'm gyming it up or swimming. I need to remain active as much as possible. Food is not the enemy... being lazy is. I can do this and I will be the weight I want to be.

What would you do differently?
I don't think I could've done much different, as you deal with the problems that arise as and when they do. You can't predict when you might become ill etc. You just have to roll with the punches!

How will you proceed from here?
I will be doing the ready for summer challenge and this time I've set myself a big goal!

What advice would you give someone about to join a weightless challenge group?
BE HONEST. They only want to help :D

Will blog soon :D

Emily xx


  1. I think you can give yourself a huge pat on the back. You did fantastic throughout the challenge! Well done Emilyyyyyy!

  2. Well done! I'm so proud of how hard you've worked at this, and how pleased you are with your progress - and rightly so! It's been really inspiring and some of your good habits have been rubbing off on me too!

  3. You've done amazing, babe. Congrats on fitting in a size 14. I think I got rid of my old size 14s otherwise I'd give you a load of clothes. Think I have one but it is petite x