Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Holiday Events

Today's agenda invovles running, exercise shopping and smaller clothes!!!!

So the first thing to address is that I have finally exercised. I ran on my sister's treadmill (which I've finally got the hang off). I actually ran a whole Mile, first time ever for me!! woooo! Very pleased, so in my calculations thats 1.6km. I'm hoping to run that for a week or so now! I think a goal for me is to be running 5km by Easter time.

The next thing worth mentioning is the fact instead of buying myself goodies or treats, I instead bought myself new digital scales, an exercise mat and a fit ball. Things have definitely changed in me. I would have never willingly spent money on this kind of thing a year ago. So I think it marks a significant moment in my evolution.

The last thing that has put a smile on my face, is the fact that when I went clothes shopping the other day, I could try on clothes that were smaller. It made me feel really great about myself and urged me on for the coming year.

I'm looking forward to New Year's Eve, where I can have some fun. All in all, feeling very positive at the end of the year. I have treated myself this Christmas but it just makes me feel more determined to get back on it now.

Emily x

P.s You'll be proud of me. My family had an indian last night but I had a salad instead!!


  1. Great post full of positivity. Congratulations on running your first mile. I remember when I did that earlier this year, it felt AMAZING. Keep pushing yourself and you'll continue to break personal records! Good luck!!! :)

  2. You still wanna do race for life together next year, sweets? xx

  3. I do indeed! Just bought myself a new running book! will blog about it soon x

  4. Fab! I need to start running again. x