Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Spring Chick Challenge 2012

So I've decided to do my First Challenge 'Spring Chicks Challenge', which is hosted by The Big Butt Theory.
I want to see if it helps with my weight loss motivation. So here are my stats that I will try and achieve before 19th March!
1) Committment to a NSV (non scale victory)   
  • losing inches - I want to lose 20 Inches from all over my body (will post inches on 1st January)
  • improving my 1mile time - My Mile time si about 11/12 minutes. So I want to do it in 10 minutes.
  • I want to be a size 14 comfortably
2) Committment to a set of nutrition parameters
  • Calories - stick to my 1000 a day (make it up to 1000 if I burn it off to clarify)
  • Water - 6 Glasses a day
  • No Bread
3) Committent to a set of exercise parameters.
  • Exercise 6 Times a week
  • Gym 4 times a week
  • Swimming 1 times a week
  • Zumba 1 times a week
  • Horse Riding once a month
  • Try a new sport each month
4) Committment to blogging
  • I commit to blog at least twice a week
  • One time will be about my update for this challenge
  So there are my goals that aren't tied into my weight. I'll see how it goes!

Emily x


  1. I'm so glad you're in on this challenge Emily! I look forward to doing it with you! :) I think you have some great goals, but maybe 1000kcal is too little? Wouldn't that kick you into starvation mode? Just asking. :) We can totally do this together!

  2. Good luck! Are you going to give yourself more calories due to the amount of exercise you're doing?

  3. Well it's how much my calorie tracker puts me on! I'm on the livestrong calorie counter.

    I don't follow it obsessively though. I eat more some days and other days less.

    I eat lots of vegetables and fruit!! and lot's of protein!

  4. I eat more if I burn it off!!!

  5. i really like your focus points! im excited about this new world of blogging and attempting this challenge :)

  6. Great goals, Emily! You can do it!!

  7. Good luck, babe. But I think 1000 calories is a little too low, especially if you are doing all that exercise. You should actually eat a little more if you are doing regular intensive exercise. I'd aim for 1200 if I were you. Love you xxx

  8. Glad to see you eat more if you're burning cause it sounds like you plan to burn it down:-) Good goals, I look forward to seeing your results:-)

  9. I may join this challenge if one doesn't mind? x

  10. Great goals. How is your energy with those calories...? I am jealous you are going to go horseback riding. Hope to see some pics...

  11. Actually fine. I'm not a stickler for calories. I try to lose weight by exercising mostly.

    I just work on a rough average. It seems to work for me.