Monday, 19 December 2011


I'm not sure how it's happened but I seem to be getting incredibly incapable of exercising at the weekend.

I think I excuse myself by saying stuff like, 'Oh, I walked into town and back. I walked there..etc' but in reality, I'm simply not doing my usual exercise at the weekend. Before I was making sure I exercised at the weekend, either a run on Saturday or just popping on my Exercise bike on Sunday but every weekend it seems that it's over before I've even considered exercising :(

So bad weekend for Emily.

I had my *final* physio session on Friday (trying to sort out my tight calf muscle in my left leg) and my leg was really painful after the session. He had stuck needles in my leg and given them a right good old bashing. So I was bruising. I almost didn't exercise but thankfully I actually went to the Gym. AFTER work on a FRIDAY, I know go me :D

The Gym was really quiet, which was nice. Still only running 1km max at the moment. So I'm hoping to attempt a 1.25km or even a 1.5km this week... wish me luck.

In total I have been invited to/organised 3 Christmas dinners. The first one was at the weekend and man it is hard not to overeat. I managed to snack only a wee bit and I didn't have any meat (as I'm a vegetarian and they killed my fake meat). My plate consisted of Roasted Potatoes, Parsnips, Carrots and Brussels sprouts with some Stuffing. So I think I ate far less calories than everyone else but I still feel like I ate bad food. I skipped Christmas pudding but I couldn't turn down the cheese board. I definitely had less than I would've had last year, so that's a postivie point. The alcohol consumption probably didn't help either though but in preparation I had only eaten a salad.

I'm very scared to weigh myself at the moment as I feel as if I haven't lost any weight in a while. I think, as I've said before, the main goal around Christmas is to not put on weight or as little as possible. I'm hoping to at least stuck to that. Unfortunately the next two Christmas dinners are both on the same day :o So I'm going to have a fat day :(

My plan is to come into work early that day to go to the Gym and get a good workout done before I even begin eating. Then I will just make sure that I exercise every day this week, even Christmas day!

Are other people exercising on Christmas day?

Does anyone have any tips on how to avoid eating mince pies etc? Feeling very tempted and failing more often than usual, which is depressing me.

Why in the back of mind do I keep saying, 'I can get back on the horse in January'... I don't want to even fall off :(

Emily x


  1. Ah to 'walk' into town.. I so miss home. I used to walk into town and back which with the browsing the stores, was generally a 4-5 mile round trip. Or we would walk to the train station and then take it into the city for a couple of miles of walking.

    Weekends are my best time for exercising since I can do it during the day when I feel good. I can plan the exercise around my food. During the week I am already tired in the evenings and also have to consider when to eat.

    I am planning on exercising Christmas day. I look at it this way, I have spent most of my life abusing my body/health and I don't think that taking 1 Christmas out to work on this is too much. Also, I absolutely hate the thought of having to lose the same weight twice and absolutely will not put on any weight this holiday season. It is hard enough to lose it the first time, don't want to have to do it again.

    The way I have been successful so far is by creating an environment for me to succeed. Fortunately no mince pies in the US, but I have avoided going to a couple of parties. I am too focused and determined at the moment. I also know myself that when confronted with so much food, I am going to pick at it.

    Good luck with your food choices.

  2. I don't plan on exercising Christmas Day because I will use it as a rest day instead by working out on Christmas Eve and Boxing Day.

    As for avoiding Mince Pies, when you found out, let me know!!!

  3. It does help that I've got Dogs at home home, so they need to be taken out! :d

    Tim - Best way of avoiding mince pies I've found is to run very fast in the opposite direction!