Wednesday, 9 January 2013

1st Accountable Weigh In of the Year

Been nervous alllllllll day about this! So many questions fling through my head:

Did I eat right?
                      Did my illness slow me down?
                                                                  Have I done enough?
                                                                                               What if I haven't lost any how will I feel?

Funniest part is by the time I got home I had forgotten all about my weigh in. I only remembered when my best friend messaged me about how I did!!. It's nice to feel accountable to one of my friends.

Thankfully my boyfriend is also really supportive. He's going to the gym too but in a different town, as we live 70 miles apart from each other :( aaaaaaaaanyway moving on to the topic at hand.

Here are my stats:

Starting weight: 13st 13lbs
Weight Week 1: 13st 10.5lbs

Total weight loss: 2.5lbs


Hell to the year. I'm gonna celebrate that so much. Obviously it is unlikely I'll get those kinds of results every week but I'm happy. So happy that I went to body combat class and had a massive salad for dinner.

Some other delicious and healthy food I have consumed this week:

My scales also provided me some other stats which I will share with you every week.

These are as follows:

Fat Percentage: 32.8% (This does put me in the healthy range but the high end of the healthy range I believe)

Water Percentage: 49.1% (This is normal)

BMI: 29.1 (So we all know I got a long way to go on this..should be under 25 roughly to be considered healthy)

New goals: To get my fat % down, as well as my BMI. This will mostly come from exercise and eating better but helpful to keep an eye on it.

Goal for next week: lose 1.5lbs
(Don't want to aim to high or too low so going for a nice reachable number.)

Lastly I got my haircut, so here is a picture for no reason other than I can.

Right see ya later buddies!

Em xx


  1. Really great loss Emily! I'm so far behind.....I can't believe I missed your new job and big move!! Where are you living these days?

    1. Thanks ever so!! Yeah it was back in September. I moved down to Cheltenham in Gloucester. Early days but I'm enjoying the job immensely. Finally feel settled enough to crack on with the weight loss thing again!

    2. Had to break out good old google maps for that one! Very cool, and awesome on loving the job :-)

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