Sunday, 6 January 2013

Mid-Week Catch Up

So it's come to Sunday night and as I've got a few minutes to spare before bed I thought I'd write down how I've been getting on. It's been a very interesting first few days back on it, first few days were the easiest as usual but as you all know it is getting harder each day to stay on track and to be good each time temptation is thrust in your face.

So Wed and Thursday were circuits and spin classes. Friday I was off work ill but I still went for a lovely 40 minute walk to clear my lungs and get some exercise in for the day. Pictures of walk below.

This weekend I went to visit a close friend of mine. We had a lovely time shopping; a few drinks and went  out for dinner twice.

Both times I was really good. In Zizzis I had the skinny rustica - which is like a pizza but smaller and comes with a salad and is made out of wholemeal flour. Then in Cafe Rouge today I had salmon fillet with a salad nicoise. So lovely and healthy :D Was so impressed.

Breakfast was scrambled eggs and orange juice. So got lots of fruit, veg and protein in this weekend overall!

I usually find it very hard to eat healthier when I'm away visiting, so I took some food with me which really helped. Also it meant we didn't have to make an extra visit to the food shop just for me. I do hate to put people out because of my healthy eating.

We went shopping and I got a lovely jumper to see me through the rest of winter (which will go nicely under my new lovely and warm gillet). I also brought some teabags. Nice to have a selection for once, as I am rather addicted to my Earl Grey.

And here's me in my new lovely jumper (but I'm also using it to show you how I'm looking at the moment):

Lastly when I woke up this morning my voice was really croaky and it's been fading in and out all day. I'm hoping it's not something serious like laryngitis but I'm sure I'll find out soon enough. So this week may be a case of just eating healthier and not much hard exercise. Keeping positive.

Good luck this week everyone. Have a great weight loss week.

Emily xxx


  1. Hope you feel better. i know how frustrating it can be trying to take care of yourself and then getting sick.

    Nice blog btw


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