Sunday, 13 January 2013

A weekend of trying not to over do it...

So when I'm not in Cheltenham I seem to lose some of my focus. I don't overeat but I do eat one or two nicer things. Treat day becomes treat weekend and before I know I feel like a giant elephant, who has eaten too much and done little exercise.

I am trying a new technique when I'm eating things that are not as good for me. I try to give some to someone else or I break off some of the pastry/bad stuff. I feel better knowing I'm eating less than the packet says. I don't know if I'm deluding myself or this is a good way of feeling less guilty about having a few nice things at the weekend.

It wasn't a weekend of indulgence though. When I went to the pub for a meal on Saturday I ordered the tuna mayonnaise jacket potato and it felt good making the healthier choice. Then when I went to the cinema I brought an orange juice and a pack of snack a jacks with me, which I know is much healthier than chocolate or butter popcorn etc.

I think it really is about making better choices to keep your weight down. The goal is to never put any on. So even if you have a bad week where you don't lose anything, not putting any on is an achievement as well.

I wow to keep making small improvements to help myself now and in the future.

On Friday I was at the pub with a work colleague and I fancied a bite. On the menu it had sweet potato fries and I thought that sounded better than having chips. They were soooo delicious but unfortunately they made my stomach turn. I think my stomach has gotten used to all the healthy food.

So yummmmmmy. Sweet Potato Fries.

I also went for a nice walk with a friend this weekend and then had hot chocolate after. I didn't feel too guilty because I knew I had done some walking before. But as you know the guilt is always there.

Luckily they had no squirty cream in!

It is so hard to keep making the right choices and saying no to things such as nice hot chocolate with friends.

BUT I tell you my friends, I am sick of starting again. SO I won't be failing this time. TO THE GYM!! :D

Good luck to you all.

Em xxx


  1. Starting again definitely sucks, I feel like I'm going through the same thing right now. Here's to NOT STARTING AGAIN after this!

  2. Starting again does suck indeed. But it's better than NOT starting again! :)

    Thank you for supporting me so much, Emily. I appreciate it so much!