Friday, 24 February 2012

Hell of a Week But I'm Doing Okay!

It's been a bit of a bumpy week for me. Lot's of ups and downs.

First things first, my boss resigned on Wednesday, which basically puts my job in a certain amount of jeopardy. It wasn't done out of spite or anything but it was a fairly upsetting event. I'm now looking for a new job (I still have mine) and I'm feeling really out of balance.

I've also damaged my ankle, every time I think it's better it takes another funny turn. I'm taking the weekend off and will begin exercising again on Monday. I will do some abs work however over the weekend. I tried some arm weight exercises on Thursday, which I enjoyed. Next time I get new circuits I shall be requesting some of those exercises.

One more thing that has really got me down is my lack of money. It's been really hard to eat healthy or even eat properly due to lack of funds. I should be paid in the next few days. I'm going to try budget better this month, so that this doesn't happen again. I also need a new swimming costume as mine just gapes open when I swim. Rather embarrassing I can tell you! I've heard you need to replace your costume very 6 months or so when you swim regularly. as the chlorine damages the elasticity of it. Anyway I shall be investing in a new one.

On a slightly different note I have settled on a smoothie recipe that I like to drink:

In this bad boy: skimmed milk, frozen berry fruits, banana, spinach, oats, honey and low fat Greek yoghurt! It's absolutely amazing!

I'm off to see my physiotherapist a week on Monday and she hopefully will be able to sort my leg so I will be able to start running.Then I will start to burn some serious calories :D Although I must say I really do enjoy the strength work and I'm starting to really looking forward to my abs class on Wednesday.

So lot's of bad stuff but am trying to not let the negative get me down. Feeling ok, like I can get through this. Still no booze even after the week I've had..... I'm pretty proud of myself!

I will blog on Sunday about my week as usual but will be weighing in officially on the Tuesday for the grand finale, as it will be the end of my Month challenge. Even if I haven't lost much weight I feel much better about myself overall and I have lost inches. So something has to be going right!!

Love to you all, thanks for reading,

Emily xxx


  1. Sorry things have been a little stressful. I hope your job security improves and lets hope you can get your leg sorted without much hassle. Keep being positive, hang in there, it will all get better again.

  2. That smoothie looks amazing, I hope you begin to feel better about your job situation, having your boss resign can be super traumatic and turn things upside down.

  3. Hey! Don't let the negative things get you down, you're doing awesome :-) And you're making awesome smoothies!!!!! Good luck with the job search stuff, what type of work are you looking for?

  4. a swim costume a bathing suit?? I've NEVER heard that phrase before!

    1. Yeah, a swimming costume is what we brits call a bathing suit.

  5. Sorry you've had a rubbish week, babe. But you seem to be pushing through regardless.

    What's up with your ankle? Is it because you had shin splints or have you hurt your ankle as well now?

    That smoothie looks yummy x

  6. Ugh, sorry your ankle is being stupid! Hopefully the physical therapy will help. I suffered from shin splints for years, but I have a few stretches that reallllly helped!

    Smoothie looks amazing :D

  7. Sorry you had a bad week, hope this next week will be better!

    The smoothie looks delicious yet I just can't get past the spinach part. lol

  8. Sorry you had a tough week, hope next week is a great one!

  9. Try and stay as positive as you can! It sucks about possibly losing your job. My job ends next month so I kinda know how you feel.

  10. WTG on the smoothie - I feel like anything with a lot of banana tastes good. Have you tried the Green Monster?