Saturday, 18 February 2012

Natalie: A Case Study

After seeing some of my fellow Bloggers interview people, I decided to interview one of my friends. This is her weight loss story:

Why do you want to lose weight? 
Being heavier doesn't suit me. I know that sounds vain but when you hear people saying "oh she's a bit heavy but she has a pretty face" that doesn't relate to me. I don't hold weight well.

What is your goal weight and when do you hope to achieve this goal?
I would like to be 70kg (I'm 77.5kg at the moment) as I think that is a nice number. I don't know if that's what I should be at my height I just like the number. I would like to be that weight by Summer.

Natalie is on the left.

Do you track your calories in any way?
I use Livestrong occasionally. I used to follow it religiously but when I had to keep going back to London it got more difficult to track so stopped and got out the habit. It's just a lot of effort now.

What do you eat in a typical day?
I have crunchy nut cornflakes for breakfast, soup and a roll for lunch and usually spaghetti bolognese for dinner or a potato with salad.

How much and what exercise do you do in a week?
I do Hour of Power on Wednesday and Friday, Zumba on Thursday (every other week), swimming on Monday (every other week) and fencing on Saturday.

Are there any sports/exercise that you particularly like?
Fencing and Badminton. They both require a lot of focus.

Are there are any sports/exercise you particularly dislike?

You say you hate running, why do you think you hate it so much?
I don't like the way everything moves when I run. It makes me feel uncomfortable and self conscience.

What has been your biggest lesson since starting to lose weight?
Don't expect to lose weight all in one go. It takes a lot of time and patience. I used to be 90kg and it has taken a few years to reach this weight. It's not been easy and I have a huge sweet tooth which makes it more difficult.

Any advice you would give to others trying to lose weight?
Don't let it take over your life. This is just part of your life, not your entire life. You can still go out with friends....just don't have that desert you always usually have :p

A thank you to Natalie for her time.

Emily xxxxx


  1. Go Natalie. Dropping 12.5kg is a great achievement. Tell her she looked really slim when we went out for your birthday.

    Good interview gals


  2. Great job Natalie! If I can just comment on her goal weight, it is that it might be useful getting a body scan to know what your body consists of. That helps setting a realistic goal weight. I was thinking 70-ish kg to, but had to scratch that when I found out that with the muscles I currently have, building more and reaching that weight is impossible. So it might help her set a realistic goal! :)

  3. Very interesting, Natalie. Maren's comment is also interesting. Weight is just a number, and may not be realistic for all of us. I am now a follower of your blog!

  4. Great interview! I love Q&As.

  5. Love what she says about it being PART of your life now - words to live by for all of us :-)