Friday, 10 February 2012

Sorry and Other Items

I want to start with an apology. Sorry I haven't been very supportive this week or blogged much. I've had a tough week to say the least.

Work has been stressing me out (not going to go into it) and on top of being on and plateauing, I had a mini melt down yesterday. Thanks to some lovely fellow Bloggers I pulled through and didn't do anything stupid i.e. stuff my face. So thank you all for your support. Sometime it's the only thing that gets me through.

I've actually been doing really well on the tracking calories and exercise front. I haven't done as much exercise as I would've liked but I've done enough and I'm hoping for an active weekend.

An update of Emily's February Challenge:
No alcohol so far - tomorrow night is the big test though!
Tracked everyday :D
At least 6 glasses of water without fail
Only failure is not exercising every day but have still done well... about 4/5 days out of 7 :D

My work colleague has a birthday next week and brought in some lovely muffins. There were HUGE. So I convinced her to split one with me. It was delicious and was tracked :D

Feeling positive again today. After some advice from fellow bloggers, I've decided to not weigh myself until the end of February and will only be tracking measurements. After all that is what Spring Chick's is supposed to be about, celebrating the NSV's.

Have great weekends my lovely friends :D

Emily xx

P.s Doesn't it look amazing?

Best 1/2 muffin ever!


  1. Good luck with no alcohol tonight. You've done brilliant so far with it, so keep pushing yourself and it'll be so worth it once you complete the challenge. You'll look back and be extremely happy and proud of yourself.

    I hope next week is a much better stress free week for you!

  2. That's good on sharing the muffin. You still had a little treat but worked it into your plan. Sharing is a great thing. I often share puddings.

    Well done on the no alcohol front, I know it'll be hard for you, as I know you like a wee tipple. Hope you managed to stay alcohol free over the weekend.

    I think it's a good idea that you're not going to weigh yourself until the end of the month if it is stressing you out. Getting stressed is never good. xx

  3. MMmm the muffin does look amazing!!!! Don't stress out about having a bad week and being a little absence from blog land, you're back now and you're making smart choices like splitting insanely delicious muffins so that you don't binge on the whole thing yourself!

    Glad to have you back :-)