Sunday, 5 February 2012

A Weekend Away

It's been an interesting few days away. Some people understand weight loss, others don't. It's as simple as that. It is something we will all have to cope with for the rest of our lives.

I've done really well with tracking all weekend.

Saturday morning we went swimming to an indoor  water park and we did not stop for like 2 hours! So many flumes and stairs, wave machines, rapid rivers!! It was brilliant and burnt so many calories. So I didn't feel guilty at all when I had my treat day on Saturday. We made Chocolate Brownies with Oreos. Damn they were good :D

See evidence below :p

I also got a few items such as Hot Chocolate, Loose Leaf tea and some new books.

I enjoyed seeing my friend and getting away but it was very difficult not to overeat and had to be very good today whilst my friend had more brownie. After trying really hard this week, I'm feeling positive about weigh in tomorrow night. I hope I don't feel too discouraged if it's the same.

I love love love the app to track my calories. Scanning barcode's makes tracking so much more fun and much quicker to do.

So a quick update February challenge is going well, so exercised everyday, no booze and have tracked each day.

See you tomorrow for the weigh in! I will be a size 14 by Spring :D

Emily xxx


  1. Good luck with your weigh in. I haven't been to a water park in years! They're so cool!

  2. Ooo that does look quite delicious! Glad you had a fun weekend! We all need to have fun and not worry too much about the scale sometimes.

  3. Sounds like you had a great weekend. I love the water park. That dessert looks great!

  4. My kids love water parks, me not so much, hmmm wonder why... But I suck it up and take them. This summer I won't be ashamed of how I look in a swimsuit.
    Good luck with your weigh in! I moved down to a size 14 jeans just today and it feels awesome :).

    1. Don't be ashamed! Swimming is a brilliant exercise and even better when you're having fun with your kids :D
      I'm so jealous but I will catch you up soon, just you wait and see :p

  5. That brownie looks totally amazing...

    I have full faith you'll hit size 14 by spring!

  6. I love water parks, they are so so much fun.

    I agree, some people you know understand your weight loss and others don't. I think when we are with people who are not on a diet it can be hard, we can lose our inhibitions and think sod it, I'm going to eat this. Then we feel guilty afterwards. Glad to hear (well, read lol) you kept control. Those brownies looks amaze, share the recipe?

    You'll be a UK size 14 in no time, babes. x