Thursday, 16 February 2012

My Gym in Photos (aka The Place the Pounds Go to Live) :D

Just for you all to see how small my gym really is :D

Cross Trainers x2

Rowing Machines x2 Bikes x2

Weight Machines plus free weights zone

Mats and Mirrors - Exercise Classes happen here!

Running Machines x3

As you can see it's quite small but it's got everything you would need! Plus it's really cheap as it's at my work place.

So there you go!

Emily xx


  1. Hey, it looks big enough to get in a good workout!


  2. I saw the small warning and all but I was still REALLY surprised at the size (or lakc there of)! Not that it makes it any less of a good gym it still looks awesome, I was just shocked. I think thats pretty cool. Do you ever have to wait for machines / weights?

    1. Never have to wait at all really, especially if I go in the afternoon. I have never seen all the machines in use at any one go! The busiest it's ever been is about 10 people max!

  3. Wow! That is small, but hey - it gets the job done!

  4. It looks cozy. Does it ever get REALLY full, I am sure that could be a little awkward.

  5. awh it looks lovely! - And i love the 'where the pounds go to live' :))

  6. Absolutely big enough to lose weight! LOVE the title :D :D

  7. Lucky you to have a gym at work! Small or not:)

  8. The cross trainers look like proper beasts! They're huge!

  9. You're so lucky to have that at your work! As long as you can get on the machines without waiting a long time, it looks great!

  10. Very cool.... Thanks 4 sharing... I miss my gym sometimes...