Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Back to the Gym aka Aches and Pains

Back to the Gym yesterday and my legs ACHED!! :(

I can't believe how much they ached. I thought this kind of aching was over and done with. Thankfully after today's Gym session they feel a bit looser. Will just have to work through the ache I guess, get back up to my normal work out level.

Since Christmas I've started sweating a lot more whilst exercising, a friend told me that means it means I'm getting fitter. Has anyone else heard of this?

I  ran 1.5km today in the Gym. Feeling very proud of myself. The best way to do it I'm finding is to run 1km and then assess whether I can carry on or not at that point. I'm still hoping to do Race for Life this year, so I need to train up to 5km. Once I get a date for RFL then I will figure out what 5km training programme I should do. Any suggestions?

A sad thing about this month is that I'm very poor, which means I may have to cut back on some of exercises that I pay for i.e Swimming. Thankfully after my Christmas purchases I should be able to do a mini gym workout at home instead but we'll see how this month goes.

Unfortunately I had a small Cheese binge last night. It wasn't a massive amount and it was low fat but I probably shouldn't have eaten it. I'm not going to beat myself up about it but I do feel I need to get some more healthy snacks into my cupboard to avoid such situations.

Concerning the challenge I'm doing okay but I think I'm struggling on the food part. I'm going to give it two weeks. If I feel I'm not doing well, I'm going to Blog what I'm eating and exercising every day for a week and see what you all think about my regime?

Catch up soon

Em x


  1. When I have sore legs I take a warm bath with 2 cups of Epsom salts. Really helps with the soreness. As for sweating, I agree I sweat so much especially in my face. I love it though!

  2. Good job on running 1.5km! I'm working on getting to a 5k myself, and I've found that intervals makes for the best progress :)

  3. As you workout more, your body becomes used to it. It adapts so that it begins to sweat more from less exercise in order to prepare itself for what it thinks (or knows) is coming next. I've noticed it with myself, too. Congrats - you're obviously doing well if your body is reacting that way! Sounds like you're doing great. As for the 5k, I've seen a lot of people talking about C25K or couch to 5k as a program they're using, and it's seemed pretty good from their updates. Can't wait for the next update, best wishes xx

    P.S. Coffee + caffeine is another less known method to deal with sore muscles

    - DS

  4. everything i was going to say has already been said in the comments haha!

    yep, couch to 5km is a good program. since you can already run 1.5km, you could start a couple weeks in rather than right at the start.

    totally agree with epsom salts for sore muscles. also arnica tablets are good. they help to break down the salt build up in the muscle from a hard workout.

    and with the sweating thing, i got told that you sweat more as you get fitter. i got told that it was coz you work harder as you get fitter, therefore your body reaches higher temperatures, meaning it needs to sweat more. but illiterates theory makes sense too!

  5. i just found this on a running website: "One factor regulating the amount sweat produced is your level of fitness. The healthier and fitter you are, the better your body is at regulating its temperature. So, a fit individual will start sweating at a lower core body temperature, causing them to sweat sooner to keep their body temperature as close to normal as possible.

    Someone who is fit also tends to sweat more as their body increases the size and number of its sweat glands – another means to help them keep cooler! The fitter you are, the less electrolytes (salt and potassium) you also secret in your sweat, as more of it is absorbed by the body. This causes your sweat to become more dilute and more and more like water. Now you can see why it’s such a good idea to drink lots of water after a heavy workout!"

  6. Hey Em, mama on the move is right, She mentioned to me the other night when we were doing a boot camp that i was sweating a lot more than i used to, i never thought much about it until then but realise now that it is due to my increased fitness levels.

    Good luck with getting to the 5km mark, ill be keeping an eye out!

  7. Good to know about the Sweating thing! Makes me feel good, kind of like a little NSV :D

    mama: I recently had to start drinking a lot more water during my workout and after. It's good to know why my body wants this extra water. Again another positive plus.

    MissHaneefa: Definitely going to try the Epsom Salts tonight in a bath after Zumba :D

    illiterate: I started the c25k last year but had to stop due to an injury. I was thinking of starting it again but didn't really want to start from the beginning. So your suggestion is perfect. Will try and start from week 3/4 probably and see how it goes. I think I've got till June-ish time but I want to running 5k comfortably by then.

    Thanks for all your support.

  8. U already got great tips. I wanna to encourage you to track for food if you do not already do so. I use MyFitness Pal, but spark people is good also. No beating your self up. Just adjust your course as you see necessary.

  9. I think the suggestion of starting C25K a few weeks in is a great idea because you would probably find the first few weeks a bit too easy considering you've ran 1.5KM. I used the NHS website version of C25K which I found pretty good.

    I read on another blog ages ago that this woman used to create playlists with a large selection of fast songs and slow songs. When fast songs came on, she would run the entire time, when slow songs came on, she would walk. The great thing was that she never knew what was coming on next so it kept it from being boring and repetitive.

  10. ^Tim I like that idea with the songs!

    Emmy, babe, as I was saying earlier when I was textulising you, don't be too hard on yourself. Having a little bit of what you want now and again won't hurt. You shouldn't deny yourself of everything all the time. Just makes you want it more. And you're doing so much exercise to compensate. I've been a little bit of a cheese fiend this week as well.

    I did not know that about the sweating but I suppose I do sweat more now than I used to. Next time I sweat like a pig during exercise I will take it as a good sign that I'm getting fitter.

    Yay on running 1.5K. Only a couple of weeks ago you said to me you wanted to do 1.5K but didn't think you could and you have. Whoo. Well done.

    Love you xxxxxx