Sunday, 15 January 2012

Less Exercise, Less Food?

Due to my injury, this week has been quite quiet on the exercise front. I exercised on Monday and Tuesday but had to stop because the calf muscle in my left leg developed a knot and was really tight. I realised that I wasn't stretching properly after running but I've learnt from it and won't make the same mistake again.

After three days rest, I decided I could probably exercise again (I had been stretching and massaging leg whilst time off). My house mate and I took a walk in the lovely January cold air :D We walked roughly 7 Miles. It was absolutely brilliant. It was fantastic to spend some time with her, exercise my leg out and just get out of the house and away from the television. I will be trying to take more walks and will try going with various people. It's great way to spend some quality time together.

Today's exercise consisted of Horse Riding. I go with my work colleague and it was a lot of fun. I wasn't very happy when the horse was slipping, silly ice but cantering across the fields is just amazing! 

So at the end of the weekend, my leg is feeling ok. So I'm going to try and start easing back into exercise next week but I'll see how it goes, as my ankle is doing something funny too! :o eek!

Referring to my Blog title, I had a small revelation (very small) and realised that as soon as I stopped exercising my hunger levels went right down and I found it extremely easy to eat less food. I feel like I'm starting to be able to listen to my body and understand what it's trying to say.

On a side note, I've signed up for a 3 day free trial to a gym in town. I really fancy seeing another gym and trying out their sauna :D I only feel a little guilty!

Tonight my house mates and I cooked a Frittata with fresh veg and goat's cheese. It was absolutely amazing and so delicious. We scored it 8 out of 10. It was one of the recipes out of my cookbook that I got for Christmas. We've decided to cook one every Sunday night (as best we can). It should be a lot of fun and will definitely help me get out of my food rut.

Frittata with Fresh Veg and Goat's Cheese

I will be weighing in tomorrow night and hoping I've maintained because of my injury. I'm a little worried but we'll see how it does. I've been feeling much happier this week and as long as I'm happy that's the main thing.

My birthday is on Friday, so next weekend I will do my best but I will probably gain. Hoping to have a really good four days of exercise and eating well before and I'm using my 3 day trial in the week after. So I shouldn't get much at all and as I've learnt I will eat smaller portions. 

Everything in Moderation.

I wish all my fellow Spring Chicks good luck with their weigh ins :D

Emily xx


  1. Great idea on getting your friend to go to Zumba with you! I've also realized what you wrote about food/exercise. I get soooo hungry when I work out, but we do need more fuel when doing it ! :D

  2. Hope your injury doesn't discourage you too badly, good lucky getting back to 100%!!

  3. I always love walking in the countryside, especially if there are lakes/canals around, it just makes it so much more relaxing and enjoyable. I love the pics btw!

    P.S - I'm super jealous of you horse riding (despite my horse attack haha!). It's something i've always wanted to try but never had the opportunity.

  4. BTW, the Bakewell Tart tasted just as good as it looked! :)

    Check this out:


  5. 7 miles!!! Wowsa!!! Enjoy your Birthday week

  6. MAren: Tis a good idea! I know she would like to exercise more! plus I don't see her very often and exercise is such a big part of my life now!

    Erin: My leg is feeling much better and hoping to ease back into exercise today!

    Tim: The canals were beautiful (as you can see), Horse riding is so lovely! We go down the Riverside :D I want a Bakewell... maybe on my birthday heehee!

    Karla: Yup 7 Miles but it didn't feel that long!

  7. Well done babe on walking 7 miles. You've still managed to exercise without exasterbating your injury.

    I went horsey riding yesterday too. My legs are feeling it today! Lol. I do love my lessons but I really wanna go out for a hack.

    I think most people feel hungry after intense exercise, I know I do.

    Can't wait for Saturday to celebrate your birthday!


  8. If I had views like that I would probably walk outside more! Horse riding is awesome and I can't wait to get back into it myself.
    Way to go on knowing when to rest, your body does speak to you, you just have to listen :)
    Hope you have a great week hon.

  9. It was a lovely walk, I felt it in my legs the next day! And really nice to spend time with just you :)