Sunday, 8 January 2012

A Good Ending to a Bad Week

So I'm going to have to face it. It was not the ideal start to the year.

I think the main problem is that I feel as if I'm in a rut. I basically do the same thing every week and eat the same foods. It's an ongoing circle that never seems to end but I don't know how to change it. People keep saying change it up but its not as simple as that. I can't just change my life that easily, I also most likely can't afford it. I don't mean to sound so pessimistic but I'm finding it really tough to change.

I have decided to go swimming on a Sunday night now, so that I can get better use of the Gym at work on a Monday. (My gym is only available Mon-Fri). I'm hoping it will help me exercise at the weekend more. I particularly love swimming, except all the other pesky people in the pool :p

I got a cookbook for Christmas, River Cottage Veg Every Day. So I'm going to try and cook something from that every week. Again my biggest problem with that at the moment is the lack of funds to buy the ingredients. So hopefully will start that officially at the beginning of Feb.

My week in terms of exercise was very good actually. I exercised 5 out of the 7 days with plenty of walking on one of the other days. However on the negative side I didn't really have a very good week with food. To start with I couldn't figure out why I was eating so much, but at the end of the week I came on. So I now realise that probably had a lot to do with my food issues and why I have been feeling so down. I still think I'm a rut but now I'm not so upset about it. It's funny every month I forget I feel like this when I'm due on but still I get all emotional and the diet goes funny. Must remember.

I found out something awesome the other day. I'm a vegetarian you see and I discovered 1/4 of a packet of 300g of Quorn is only 27 calories (think my calculations are right). How awesome is that :D Made me feel very happy! I love that stuff!

I meant to ask you all: How much exercise do you think is too much? As I was considering going to the gym at lunchtime and then going Swimming after work. I don't want to overdo it but I think I may be erring too much onto the side of caution with my exercise schedules. You see I only get so long at Lunch to spend in the Gym, so my typical Gym session at the moment is as follows:

10 mins warm up x-trainers
Leg Press 3x 15 set
lap pull down 3 x 15 set
fit ball roll under my (lying on back, can't remember name) 3 x 8
Press up 3 x 8
Dumb bell swing 6kb 3 x 12
Lunges 3 x 12
Run 1-1.5km

I've booked into see my trainer on the 25th, so hopefully I can start changing it up a bit more soon but I want to know after doing that is it ok to do more exercise in the evening? Am I not doing enough exercise?

It's weigh day tomorrow and I'm absolutely petrified of it. I ate cake this week, friends birthday but cake non the less. I know I shouldn't feel so guilty but I do.

Well weigh in and measurements tomorrow my friends.......

Emily xx

p.s Goal for the week is to try and run 2km..... wish me luck :D


  1. Hey care bear buddy, I think the best thing to do regarding exercising too much is to give it a go and see how you find it.

    Good luck with weigh day, mine is tomorrow too. Fingers crossed!!

  2. i say go ahead with the swim! you dont have to go hard out, but take it as you find it. be a good way to end your day with a good stretch for your muscles :) good luck with your weigh in!

  3. Hey! I agree with working out twice a day if you can, not every day and the workouts dont need to be long, 15 mins, could be a mix of jumping jacks, crunches, shadow boxing, body weight squats. you could try 30secs on and 45secs off or something, see what works. If you feel its to much try a different approach, two workouts a day helps to keep your metabolism going.

    In terms of your rut, chin up, really focus on your goals for at least one week and you will see the results, the key is building MOMENTUM!

  4. Try the swimming thing!
    As for cooking.. I try to change spices to change it up, and sometimes it tastes nasty, sometimes I discover killer things! Just an idea :)

  5. Definitely going to add a few different exercise sessions in.

    I think I was thinking that I had to do anther massive session but I could probably just do with just hoping on my exercise bike for 5/10 miles at home etc sometimes when I want to have a really good day.

    :D Feeling more positive!

  6. Lady time can just mess up all your intentions of being good. But it happens unfortunately.

    As food goes try and change it up if you can. Try and find new ways of cooking the same ingredients. Like Maren said try different spices and herbs xxx