Thursday, 26 January 2012

Day 3 of LA Fitness Free Trial

The end has arrived and our free trial is over! What a sad thought. I have rather enjoyed having my gym in my home town.

We finished up the trial with a warm up on the rowing machine, then some of the floor exercises from Day 2, then I popped onto the reclining bike (first time and I'm not a fan) and then a small run. Swimming to finish off.

Funny enough not one person asked us to sign up whilst we were there. I've had a call since but I'm not calling them back. :D I got what I wanted. I know so naughty!

My leg is still hurting me so I can't go full pelt but I don't really want to stop exercising. So I'm taking tomorrow off and my housemate should be massaging my leg tomorrow or Saturday. Can't wait!

I tried my first smoothie today. I put milk, oatmeal, honey and a banana in a blender and it was delicious :D

On Saturday I'm going to buy myself some new working out clothes, possibly some weights and a sports bottle. I really feel I need a boost and I'm sick of my usual clothes. So I'm hoping this will pick me up.

I'll be exercising over the weekend and I'm looking forward to weighing in on Monday.

Emily x


  1. Too bad you can't continue to go there, but still awesome that you got to check it out for those 3 days and learn a few new things!! No harm in that :-)

  2. New workout clothes are always a great idea. You will want to workout because you will want to wear them.

  3. I'm not a fan of the reclining bike either. It just doesn't feel right when I'm on it compared to a normal bike.

    I love buying new workout clothes!