Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Day 2 of LA Fitness Free Trial

So day 2 complete! I'm really enjoying it so far!!

Today we had a personal training session with a lovely girl called Laura.

She got us doing a 5 min row for warm up. Then took us to the exercise floor and ran us through a lot of body exercises. It was really great to get some one on one training and to be able to ask questions. I totally milked it for all it was worth :D

I then did 1km on the cross trainer. Then about 2.5km on the bike. I had to stop early than I would have liked because my leg caused me a little bit of bother. So will stretch and massage it out again.

One really cool thing we got, before our PT session was over, was a go on their fancy little weighing scales and here follows are my statistics according to their machine.......

Weight: 82kg (will wait till monday and my own scales to do the official weigh in but woo I'm lighter)
Body Fat: 40.7%
Muscle: 26.2%
BMI: 28.2 (still overweight but its going down!)

And the most interesting fact of all:

Resting Metabolism rate: 1561kcal

So an interesting evening and I'm looking forward to the last day of the trial! Turns out though I may be able to get a free trial in another gym. :D

Emily xx


  1. Wow, I want fancy scales like that. That's so cool!

    The PT session sounded really good and the fact it was free just makes it extra great!

  2. The resting metabolism thing is important and very good to know. Gaining muscle would increase it, and losing weight/maintaining would be easier :D

  3. Sounds like you are having fun with the gym!!


  4. A session with a good trainer can be so helpful! You get a little help learning to use machines that you may not know much about so you learn to use them right without injury, and you learned a lot about your body too.

    The gym sounds like a nice one!

  5. I really wanna go on same fancy scales like that. Sounds like it has given you some good info x