Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Weigh In Post-poned

Hello all,

Just a quick update. I have decided to postpone my weekly weigh in for a couple of days. This is basically due to me being on my period at the moment. I really want to weigh myself and get an accurate portrayal of my weight. I know it sounds like an excuse but I don't want to feel de-motivated for no reason. I'm also in a very positive mood, so I'm hoping a couple of really good days will make the scales kinder to me and therefore give me a boost of confidence.

So I will weigh in as soon as it finishes, so by the end of the week.

I'm also thinking of changing my weigh in days/times. When do other people weigh in and what time of the day do you do it?

On a positive note, I ran 2km last night. So I've already completed my weekly Goal! I also timed my Mile - I'm currently running 11.12 Mile, so have to lose 1.12 by the end of this challenge. I think this is achievable.

I also decided that not eating bread wasn't a good goal, so I've scrapped that. I don't eat a lot of it as it is and what I do eat is wholemeal nimble. So about 58 Calories for a slice!!!

Right will Blog more soon. Just wanted to keep you all updated.

Emily x


  1. Good plan, babe. As I said to you on the phone last night I wouldn't weigh yourself when you're on because you don't get an accurate reading. I weighed myself when I was on and I was 3 lbs lighter when I weighed myself a couple of days later after coming off.

    I weigh myself on a Wednesday morning.

    Yay on the 2k! So proud of you!

    As for bread, maybe change the goal to not bread every day instead of not at all?

    Much love xxx

  2. I think Nikki's idea is good. You could have bread on some days and an alternative on others for example pitta breads, wraps.

    I definitely eat waaaay too much bread (about 4 slices a day) so I might steal her advice too! hehe.

    As for my weigh day, I tend to weigh myself on Monday evenings after I play football. I chose Mondays because it forces me to eat better at weekends because I know I'm going to weigh myself the following day.

    To answer your question on my blog about what I plan to do next. I'm undecided whether to continue to lose or maintain but I do have a new challenge I'll be doing as soon as I hit my goal. I can't reveal anything yet though! hehe

    Have a good week, Emily! :)

  3. People weigh in all different days. I weigh in on MOndays but have been considering Sundays. You are on the blog roll. It is sorted by most recent post. Have a great week.

  4. I'd postpone the weigh-in too. I bloat on my period and it sort of drags me down, no point then! :D

  5. I think that's a very good reason (not an excuse!) to postpone your weigh-in!! You're doing good - keep it up!

  6. I don't eat bread every day as it is heehee
    Not sure why I even suggested giving it up entirely anyway... I mean how can you can scrambled eggs on toast without the toast... ? lol

    I weighed myself this morning and the scales were much kinder! Will update blog tonight!

  7. I weigh in first thing Monday mornings, but I would rather it be Wednesday, so after the SCC I will be going to Wednesday mornings, once a week.

    I don't think I could ever give up bread.