Monday, 16 January 2012

SCC Week 2 Weigh In and Week 3 Goals

So it was week 2 weigh in today with SCC update:

Weight: 13 Stone (-5lb)

Arms: 13" (+0.4")
Chest: 33" (-1")
Waist: 32" (Same)
Stomach: 40.2" (-0.8")
Thighs: 23" (same)
Calf: 17" (Same)

So most of measurements are the same, so I'm hoping when my leg is better and I can start to train again that I will trim up a bit. The big thing is the weigh loss. I'm fairly hesitant to scream and shout about the supposed 5lb weigh loss. I'm thinking I never really put any on, it was just my totm that made it seem like I had but its nice to know that I'm not that big.

SCC update:
  • Losing inches - Like I mentioned staying roughly the same but think it will improve with time. 
  • 1 mile time - Still 11.12, as had to take break from running
  • Size - Clothes are definitely getting big, So I'm thinking this one will happen.
  • Calories - Not doing calories at all. So restricting and time consuming. I'm trying to start again this week
  • Water - Currently exceeding 6 Glasses a day. Whoop go me!
  • Exercise  - Exercise 4 times due to injury
  • Gym  - Went twice again because of injury
  • Swimming - No 
  • Zumba - No 
  • Horse Riding - Complete for month
  • Blogged - Have Blogged twice a week every week so far and have been supporting other challengers

How was week 2?

Did you have any a-ha moments?
When I went for a 7 mile walk, I realised just how fantastic it was to do exercise outdoors, even in winter.

What was your biggest success?
Got rid of the weight I had *put* on and didn't have any chocolates from the Milk tray sat in the office :D

What was your biggest struggle?
Not exercising due to my injury. I Wanted to exercise but knew it would be better to just not exercise and wait for it get better.

Week Three Goals:
  • Enjoy my birthday.
  • Work extra hard before and after so I can have a really good time.
  • Get my leg healed up, so taking it easy and not rushing back in.
  • Stick to healthy eating on non celebratory meals.
  • Get into 12 stone realm on scale

Emily x


  1. go glad you are pretty much over your injury! its so annoying waiting for things to heal. but we have to remember to be patient.

    good luck for this week!

  2. I agree, it's frustrating when you have an injury but in the long run it will be better if it's healed 100%.

    Good luck with week 3 goals!

    You might not want to scream and shout about the 5lb loss, but it doesn't stop me doing it. Woo Hoo!!!!

  3. Nice! congrats on the loss either way :)
    Thanks for the follow.

  4. I totally get where you're coming from with the 5lbs, totm screws things up so royally with water retention that I haven't yet figured out how to consistently master it with the scale. I feel like it should be illegal to weight yourself then. But alas, I just want to say that despite your injury I'm impressed with the level of working out you've done! Many in your shoes would have just used it as an excuse to take a total time out but you've kept one foot in the game! Well done :-)

  5. Well done, Em. Sounds like you've had a good week and have managed to work around your injury. 5lbs is great, hun. I'd celebrate it! xxx

  6. I'd celebrate the loss, too! Even with your injury you're doing great - keep at it!!

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